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Data: 26 Maj 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

BlastwaveFX HD Imaging Elements SSFX D2-DVDriSO
BlastwaveFX HD Imaging Elements SSFX D2-DVDriSO
BlastwaveFX HD Imaging Elements SSFX D2-DVDriSO | 3.27 GB

The Blastwave library is the most comprehensive high definition imaging library ever created. Conceived by critically acclaimed sound designer Ric Viers, This collection of 2,500 sound effects on two DVDs has it all. There are Production Elements, Logos, Distortions, Low Frequency Effects, Musical Elements, Drones, Compositions, and a collection of 5.1 Surround Sound Elements.
Every sound was originally recorded at 24-96 to ensure the highest quality for today's production needs then delivered as 24-48 stereo broadcast .WAV files. All files have embedded metadata compatible with Pro Tools, AVID, NetMix, Soundminer and more. Blastwave is like having eight high definition imaging libraries in one!

•Production Elements
•Low Frequency Effects
•Musical Elements
•5.1 Surround Sound Elements

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