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Data: 26 Maj 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 (x86/x64) Multi5 Retail
Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 (x86/x64) Multi5 Retail

WinApp | Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 (x32/x64) Multi5 Retail | 4,77 GB - 5,19 GB
Language: English, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish

AutoCAD Ž is the world leader in solutions for 2D-and 3D-design. As more graphic, 3D modeling to accelerate the design work and documentation, share models and develop new ideas. For AutoCAD available thousands of add-ons that can satisfy the needs of a wide range of clients. It's time to design a new way - while AutoCAD.
New features of AutoCAD 2012 is called a true technological breakthrough, which will please many millions of users of this software. AutoCAD 2012 has a parameter, and now any changes between objects are supported by user defined relationship. This significantly reduces the time to make changes to the projects. The emergence of tools to work with arbitrary shapes became possible to create and analyze the most complex three-dimensional objects. In addition, 3D printing is now supported, so it's easier to get prototypes and physical prototypes. According to numerous requests from international community of users Autodesk (AUGI) in AutoCAD 2012 strengthened, with the format of PDF. PDF files can be used as the substrate, and improved the quality of imports into PDF. This will facilitate data exchange between all interested parties in the project.

Key features:
AutoCAD Ž 2012 enables us to solve the most complex design problems. Means of creating arbitrary shapes are modeled by a variety of body and surface design verification time is greatly reduced; parametric drawings help to keep on hand all the necessary information. Project ideas can be visualized in PDF, as well as to implement in models obtained by 3D printing. Still no idea when not turned into reality so quickly.

Time saving due to the parametric drawings. Parametric designs can significantly reduce the scan time projects. There is a possibility of defining relationships between objects - for example, parallel lines will automatically remain parallel and concentric circles always have a common center.
Artistic freedom: to work with arbitrary shapes. Now you can translate any design ideas, letting the will of creative thought. To create complex shapes simply move the face, edges and vertices.

Enhanced support for PDF. Transfer and reuse of data were surprisingly comfortable and light with enhanced support of PDF. Became smaller the size of the published files, added support of TrueType. New ability to import and use as substrates allow you to add PDF-files directly into the drawings AutoCAD.

3D printing of models of AutoCAD. You can not only visualize projects but also to translate them into reality. Physical mock-ups of projects created by the withdrawal on a 3D printer (your own or belonging to a specialized company that provides services, 3D printing).

Ease of creating and editing dynamic blocks. Introduced improvements have helped to simplify the creation and editing of dynamic block. With its advanced mapping and allocation of objects, tools, working with dynamic blocks significantly reduce the time required to produce documentation.

Issue documentation. Effective means of documentation in AutoCAD cover all stages of the project - from initial sketches to the final stage. Automation, data management and editing minimizes the number of repetitive tasks and save time.

Time saving due to the parametric drawings. Parametric designs can significantly reduce the scan time projects. There is a possibility of defining relationships between objects - for example, parallel lines will automatically remain parallel and concentric circles always have a common center.

Binder. Structuring the data - not a luxury but a necessity. AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager organizes sheets of drawings, makes the publication automatically creates forms on the sheets, passes the data from filings in the major labels and stamps. All necessary information is collated, which greatly simplifies access to it.

Annotation Scaling. You can expedite the management of objects placed on different layers. Thanks to the scaling of annotations created annotative single object, which automatically takes the size of a viewport or model space.

Text manipulation. Manipulation of text you type is in its visual location and scale. Adjust the position of the text can be the means of the familiar text editors (paragraphs, columns, etc.).

Creating and editing Multileaders. You can easily create and edit callouts. Customizing styles Multileaders ensures their uniformity allows multiple lines of callouts in one Multileader, include callouts framework and components.

Working with tables. With the help of AutoCAD functions can automate the tedious process of creating and editing tables. By setting the appropriate style tables at once set the font, colors, borders and other properties.

Retrieving data. Data Extraction Wizard allows you to quickly extract data from drawing objects (including components and attributes). Then these data can be automatically output in a table or external files.

Link Excel data with the drawings AutoCAD. When linking an Excel spreadsheet and AutoCAD drawings provide bidirectional data update. This eliminates the need to separately modify the tables. All information is automatically synchronized.

Dynamic blocks. The use of prefabricated elements significantly saves time. Dynamic blocks eliminates the need to draw again repeating the standard components and maintain the cumbersome block libraries. They have the ability to edit individual objects, eliminating the need to create a new unit, if the shape or dimensions have changed slightly.

Management layers. Creating and Editing Layer Properties now runs faster and with fewer errors. Changes made in the dialog box to work with layers, are immediately visible in the drawing.

Dynamic prompts and menus. Focus on your work rather than on tools. In the dynamic input requests command line are displayed near the cursor, so you can run commands, view the size and type values ??that is focused on the command line. Quick Properties menu lets you view and edit the desired properties of objects, simply bridging over them.

Intuitive user interface. Now it's much easier to work with multiple files simultaneously. Quick view function operates not only file names, but their samples. It simplifies the search and discovery of the desired file on the correct tab. The new browser-menu you can navigate through files and examine the samples to obtain information about file size and file creator.

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