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Data: 24 Maj 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

IBM SPSS (PASW) Statistics 19 Fix Pack 1 & Amos 19 (Office)
IBM SPSS (PASW) Statistics 19 Fix Pack 1 & Amos 19 (Office)

IBM SPSS (PASW) Statistics 19 Fix Pack 1 & Amos 19 (Office)| 1.55 GB
Version: Fix Pack 1 (
Language: Multilingual

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Seven

An updated version of a full-featured analytical system that provides all the necessary set of statistical procedures to obtain the best results when processing different types of data.
IBM SPSS (PASW) Statistics 19 Fix Pack 1 & Amos 19 (Office) Fast Full Download
About SPSS Inc.

SPSS Inc. - An international company with headquarters in the USA, which manufactures computer software that allows you by means of statistical methods and data mining to turn data into useful information. Solutions and software SPSS enables organizations to manage the future based on the data of the past, understand the present, and predict potential problems and opportunities.

Norman Nye, Hadley Hull and Dale Bent developed the first version of SPSS Statistics in 1968, then this package is developed within the University of Chicago. The first user manual published in 1970 by the publishing house McGraw-Hill, and since 1975 the project separated into a separate company SPSS Inc. The first version of the package under Microsoft Windows was released in 1992. In 2009, SPSS has made the re-branding of its statistical package, which is now called PASW Statistics (Predictive Analytics SoftWare). July 29, 2009 SPSS company announced that it has acquired by IBM.

About IBM SPSS Statistics 19

Intuitive user interface software includes all the features of data management, statistical procedures and reporting tools for analysis of any complexity.

A short list of key characteristics of IBM SPSS Statistics:

Data access and data management

- Reading file Excel, SAS data 7, 8 or 9 versions
- Ability to work simultaneously with several sets of data
- Support for OLE DB data sources
- Ability to import and export data in PASW Data Collection Interviewer Web
- Access to databases by means of ODBC (Oracle, SQL Server, IBM AIX)
- Support for Unicode
- Export data to SAS and the current versions of Excel
- The designer exports in the database, data restructuring, dates and times
- Search for a duplicate observation
- Visual categorization
- Means of copying data properties


- Design diagrams, allowing you to quickly create any chart you need
- Selection panel diagrams, allowing to choose the optimal variant of the graphical representation of your data
- Language to create diagrams (Graphic Production Language)
- Charts for variables with multiple responses, with two axes Y
- ROC curves

Weekend results

- Export results to MS Office: Excel / Word / PowerPoint
- Export Results to PDF, in HTML
- Controls output OMS
- Ability to view the output results PASW Statistics other users through the PASW Smartreader


- Improved syntax editor with support for completion and color-coded teams
- Support for programming languages Python and R
- Ability to create custom procedures and dialog boxes

About IBM SPSS Amos

IBM SPSS Amos - it's easy to use tool for modeling with structural equations. Her models are more general than taken separately by regression or factor analysis. It's easy to set, view and modify the model by drawing tools, and then assess its adequacy, adjust, re-run and print the results. No need to operate manually with matrices or draw diagrams to show results.

Fixed bugs here:

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