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Data: 23 Maj 2011
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MaxSea with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional
MaxSea with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional

MaxSea with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional | 2.82 GB

MaxSea combines advanced weather technology and the most responsive electronic chart and marine instrument support in the industry with solution-specific capabilities such as seabed classification and buoy tracking for commercial fishing, performance routing for sailing, and AIS integration for commercial vessels.

About MaxSea International

It's hard to believe that MaxSea is already 20 years old. The company was founded in 1985 by a team of engineers determined to bring the power of personal computers on-board using hacksaws and soldering irons so that the systems could be run on 12-volt power supplies.
From this inauspicious beginning came a daring vision: A personal computer on every commercial vessel. Nineteen years later, it seems so obvious. But at the time, when only a handful of people knew what GPS was, it was a great leap of faith and daring. This revolutionary idea not only made technology a powerful tool for all of us at sea, it also helped grow a new industry that has changed our world. Today, we continue to expand the possibilities of electronic navigation by developing new ways to empower both recreational and commercial sailors anywhere on the planet. At MaxSea, we strive to be the leader in the invention and development of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including marine navigation and electronic charts. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional distributors and dealers worldwide.

About MaxSea Products

MaxSea has developed a range of navigation software for main marine applications :
- MaxSea Easy Marine Software
It's the performance of MaxSea Software with a chosen nautical chart area.
MaxSea Navigation Software For Sailing
Design, safety and performance - these are the key elements you will find in MaxSea's software for sailing.
MaxSea Navigation Software For Power Boating
Today's yachting enthusiasts expect a lot from their navigation systems.
MaxSea Navigation Software For Commercial
Enthusiasm for new ideas has been a major factor in the company's success. Nearly 20 years ago, MaxSea created the original PC-based marine navigation system. MaxSea continues this tradition with exciting advances in technology and sets the standard for today's marine software.
MaxSea Navigation Software For Fishing
Today, MaxSea for commercial fishing draws on the best characteristics of these pioneering technologies and takes the concept on to another level.
MaxSea-NavNet Navigation System
It's a Furuno product developped by MaxSea. Computer technology and marine electronics finally join forces to bring you tomorow's navigation system today!

Name: MaxSea
Version: with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional (update Apr.2011)
Interface: multilingual
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

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