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Data: 18 Maj 2011
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Blue Moon WPI DVD 5-2011
Blue Moon WPI DVD 5-2011

Blue Moon WPI DVD 5-2011 | 3.3GB
Collected programs avtrmaticheskoy installing Windows Post Install from Sweet Liu. This software package has been removed from the image of the latest Windows XP Professional SP3 Blue Moon (AHCI - RAID) DVD, and is packaged in a new way. The image of the most optimized format ISO.

You are tired after every reinstallation of Windows long and tedious to install all necessary programs. They are scattered somewhere on the computer, they must find, and put kryaknut. Normally it takes a little longer to install than the operating system itself, then the image is just for you. You just have to select the necessary applets and press start, they postavyatsya quietly and without fuss ...

Range submitted applications can solve most problems arising in practice, both beginners and experienced users: from editing and converting audio and video files to recover lost data and to develop their own applications.

System requirements:

Installed Windows operating system
Control summmy (image):
CRC32: 1B8F944D
MD5: C2F002226F7D9447825B1F852BB1BEA3
SHA-1: E7C23018381556736FE8BA0868A6B437360BE960

On file:

Enabling | reg code: not required (automatic activation)
Language: English, Russian
Platform / OS: Win All

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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