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Data: 9 Maj 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Snow Leo 911 Pro v1.5 [Intel] (Flash Drives & HD's)
Snow Leo 911 Pro v1.5 [Intel] (Flash Drives & HD's)

Snow Leo 911 Pro v1.5 [Intel] (Flash Drives & HD's) | 1.9 Gb

What is Snow Leo 911 Pro? - An OSX 10.6.7 Intel bootable disk image that can be copied to a 4 GB hard disk or Flash Drive. This is basically a lean and mean Snow Leopard OS X boot volume with all non-essential fluff deleted but the items deleted should NOT affect the performance or compatibility of the tools included. And also basically turned off virtual memory swap files.Special features of Snow Leo Pro include the flexibility of building up the stripped down OS X or customizing it to your hearts content, provided you have enough free space on the volume.
The ability to install future 10.6.x updates, install additional 10.6 add ons like fonts, languages, printers , developer tools, etc. and add your own tools or update the existing ones easily!

Snow Leo Pro has also gone above and beyond what Apple did to make the OS X pure Intel only. I manually removed the PPC coding from dozens of 10.6 OS X components and from all the applications as well both Apples along with the 3rd party ones.
Snow Leo Pro is also taking advantage of 10.6s HFS+ Compression feature by using this on the fly compression on any and all allowable files and folders on Snow Leo Pro.
Snow Leo 911 Pro is under 3 gigabytes to help try and squeeze it onto most 4GB Flash Drives. Which should still leave plenty of room for cache files !
Snow Leo Pro has the latest Apple OS X components and critical OS related updates.
All of the software should be fully working and registered.
To license iPartition you will find a file called iPartition3.licenseKey on the root directory of Snow Leo 911 Pro
To license iDefrag you will use a special application which is basically a stand alone Applescript applet I provided in the root directory. Run the iDefrag Residual File Cleaner then reboot back to Snow Leo Pro and launch iDefrag to create a fresh license file automatically. The special cleaning app will change the date to July 1 2010, remove a bunch of temp and cache files that iDefrag uses to monitor the date with to allow it to be licensed again. Make sure to set your date back to normal once you have created a licence file. Please note that I have forcefully changed every single file on SLP to match July 1 2010 because this application will check many files and folders for this date stamp and it will not license itself without it
The very first time you boot from Snow Leo Pro it will be a little slower than normal because it has to create all new caches and temp files. The next time you boot after that it , it should be much faster starting up.
This only comes in ENGLISH but if you copied this disk image to a large enough drive you can use the newest 10.6.x combo updater or 10.6 installer DVD to add additional languages and pick your own.
Little Snitch version 2.2.5 was installed and it may ask you to revert to default rules as a security warning the first time you start up after Snow Leo Pro was restored to a volume. Just ignore the warning and use it with the rules I pre made.
Safari has a special bookmarks menu called Mac Help with links to many helpful sites. Bookmarks and idea courtesy of Lurker @ MSJ.

Apple software available :
Activity Monitor , AirPort Utility , AppleScript Editor , Audio MIDI Setup , Automator , Bluetooth File Exchange , Console , Disk Utility Firmware Password Utility , Java Preferences , Keychain Access , Network Utility , Preview , QuickTime Player 7 Pro , RAID Utility Reset Password , Safari , System Preferences , System Profiler , Terminal , TextEdit , VoiceOver Utility
Plus many more OSX components

3rd Party Software (Non Apple Stuff)
A Better Finder Rename 8.80 AirRadar 2.1.4 AppleXsoft File Recovery BatChmod 1.6.3 Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.7 CleanMyMac 1.9.5 Cocktail 4.9.1 CopyCatX 5.0 DaisyDisk 2.0.6 Data Rescue 3.1 diglloydTools DiskTools Pro 3.6 DiskWarrior 4.3 Drive Genius 3.1 DropDMG 3.0.6 EasyFind 4.7.1 File Buddy 9.01 File Juicer 4.27 FileSalvage 7.0.1 HDCleanUp 1.8.5 Hide and Seek iDefrag 2.0.5 iPartition 3.3.1 Little Snitch 2.3.5 MacPilot 4.2.2 memtest 4.2.2 OfficeSalvage 7.0.1 Pacifist 2.6.4 Path Finder 5.7.3 PCalc 3.6.1 PiXel Check 1.2 PopChar 5.2 Rember 0.3.6b (GUI memtest 4.2.2) SMART Utility 3.0 SpeedTools Utilities Pro 3.6 Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery 4.1 Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 3.5 SuperDuper! 2.6.2 TechTool Pro 6.0.1 Temperature Monitor 4.94 Touvaly 1.2.7 Xslimmer 1.7.8

KCNcrew 04 15 2011 and Serial Seeker with Serial Box 04 2011

System Requirements

A Mac with an Intel processor capable of running of 10.6.7
(Due to additional hardware support being required for 2011 Mac models this version of SLP may not work and will require a 10.6.8 combo update to add the missing support)

Whats New In Version 1.5

Updated OS X to 10.6.7 Build 10J869
Updated lots of tools. Check the 3rd part list for them.
Added 2 new tools upon request. DaisyDisk and AirRadar.
Removed TinkerTool System because there are enough other tools with similar functions and 300+ edits to crack it every update is just too much of a pain in the ass.
And as usual lots of typos in the read me on the disk image in my rush to finish it

Snow Leo 911 Pro and its contents are meant as an advanced diagnostic tool , please do some research on the included tools you want to use because you can destroy your data or drive.

Instructions Briefly

More info and instructions available on the Snow Leo 911 disk image , just mount it and double click the About Snow Leo 911 alias in the main folder or from the Dock.
You CANNOT hurt the disk image by mounting it , it is locked , and how do you think I can make it without mounting it.
Copy it to any read / write medium with Apples Disk Utility restore or SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner 3
The volume (partition) should be formatted as Apple Mac Partition or GUID and partitioned as HFS+ Extended non journaled or jounaled if you have a few extra gigabytes space.

Podziel się !

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