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Data: 28 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Apple iLife 2011
Apple iLife 2011

Apple iLife 11 2011
English | Apple iLife 11 2011 | 2.88 GB

iPhoto works with popular email services like MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and AOL. And since iPhoto keeps track of all your email messages with photos, you’re free to open a sent message, make changes, and share it with someone new, anytime you want.
iPhoto and Facebook are now even better friends. Because some of the things you love doing on Facebook — posting photos and updating your profile picture, for instance — you can do in iPhoto. Share your amazing European vacation by publishing the photos directly to your Wall or to an existing album. If your friends leave comments on your photos, you’ll see them in iPhoto. iPhoto even shows you all of your Facebook photo albums, including the ones you published using another application. You’ll always know which photos you shared (or didn’t share) on Facebook, because iPhoto keeps track of that for you.
Hear the word “slideshow” and you probably imagine a typical, photo-by-photo, fade-in, fade-out production. With iPhoto ’11, there won’t be anything typical about the slideshows you make. New animated themes — like Holiday Mobile, Places, and Reflections — give your photos movement. For instance, in the Holiday Mobile theme, images swing in and out as though they were hanging from an actual mobile. Each shot is centered and framed perfectly, thanks to face detection. And the animated themes include their own soundtracks, so your photos and music play together flawlessly.
Movie Trailers

If you thought the movie was great, just wait until you see the trailer. Now you can make one yourself in iMovie ’11. Choose from 15 movie trailer templates in almost every genre: adventure, drama, romantic comedy, and more. Graphics and titles flash across the big (or small) screen. The legendary London Symphony Orchestra performs an epic original soundtrack. And suddenly your home video goes Hollywood. Movie trailers are easy to create. Just click your clips to drop them into the storyboard. Add character names and personalize the titles. Then iMovie works its magic. It trims your clips to fit and adds transitions, titles, and special effects. The result? A trailer tour de force.
Sports and News Themes
Today’s headlines: whatever you want them to be. Turn your video into a broadcast news segment complete with sophisticated graphics, sleek transitions, and hard-hitting titles you write yourself. The News theme is a fun way to announce a graduation or a new baby. Want to report real-life news? Share your story with CNN iReport directly from iMovie. With the Sports theme, you can turn a Pee Wee baseball game, a round of golf, or skateboarding at the park into sports video highlights. Add sports graphics and transitions. Choose from dynamic animated titles, such as game score, team face-off, and player stats. The Sports theme even includes a Sports Team Editor that seamlessly integrates your own player photos, rosters, statistics, and team logos into any Sports theme movie.
One-Step Effects
A dog running in slow motion. A wedding ceremony sped up. Pee Wee baseball instant replays. Home videos are even more entertaining with visual effects, and you can make them happen with a click. Add jump cuts and flip effects perfectly timed to music. Transition parts of clips from color to black and white, sepia, or a dream haze. Choose a clip, choose from over 12 effects, and click to apply.
Flex Time and Groove Matching
Flex Time and Groove Matching are powerful tools that help you improve the rhythm and feel of your recordings. You can fix the timing of a note. Tighten the groove of your tracks. And easily create a great-sounding song.
system requirements
Mac computer with an Intel processor.
GarageBand Learn to Play requires an Intel-based Mac with a dual-core processor or better.
AVCHD video from supported video cameras requires a Mac with an Intel Core Duo processor or better.
1GB of RAM.
Approximately 5GB of available disk space.
DVD drive required for installation.
Display with at least 1280-by-768-pixel resolution.
Mac OS X v10.6.3 or later

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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