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Autor: presenter
Data: 2 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

ArcSoft 9 in 1 software package for working with graphics and video

ArcSoft 9 in 1 software package for working with graphics and video
Eng | 890 MB | 2007

System requirements:
for TotalMedia
Windows 2000/XP
Pentium IV, 1.2 Ghz or equivalent
150 MB free hard drive space for program installation
256 MB RAM (512 MB DDR RAM recommended)
16-bit color display at 800x600 (32 MB video memory with DirectX 3D support recommended)
DirectX 9 or above

3D Text Factory v1.0
utility that allows users of all levels to create dynamic, high-quality three-dimensional titles for Web pages, video submissions and print materials.

Panorama Maker
Program to create panoramas from separate images. The process can be fully automated, but if you prefer, you can compare the photos manually

PhotoMontage 2000

PhotoStudio v5.5.0.61
full-featured package for editing digital photos (so to speak, mini-Photoshop). In this package, assembled a collection of tools for editing and retouching tools in conjunction with the effects and the possibility of batch processing. Functionality: - Auto Enhance and Auto Red-eye Removal in a single click - use macros and batch processing tools (All-at-once Enhancing), - layers support - Ability to fotoklonirovaniya parts, to remove stains, smudges, etc. . - Built fotobrauzer to view - Convenient Magnetic Lasso and Magic Cut for the isolation and the isolation of detail - Ability to return almost any step (99 steps Undo) - The ability to insert 3D Text-a, - Over 40 effects including: Oil Painting , Watercolor, Charcoal, Wet brush, Pastel, Impressionistic, Neon Edges, Bulge, Pinch, Stretch, Magic Mirror, Mosaic, Splash, Texture, Cool, Moonlight, Solarization, Exposure, Wind, Frost, etc. - Ability an indexed listing of folders and albums - format support Universal File Format (for printing or rassharivaniya resources)

Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe v1.1.9.9
designed to scan large-size documents on the ordinary, A4-formatted, scanner. ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe automatically gather together a few fragments of large format scanned document and make available to the user's precise, digitized copy of the original. You can quickly and accurately convert to digital format printed large (legal documents, albums with pictures, newspapers, magazines, etc.) using a standard flatbed scanner. Supports any flatbed scanners and multifunction devices. Detailed instructions issued at each stage of the scanning process, greatly simplify the work with the annex. Available functions panning images and approximations selections at the preview. Supports the ability to download and save scanned documents in formats JPG, BMP and TIF.

ShowBiz DVD v2.2.2.78
create and edit videos

TotalMedia v3.0.0.91

Magic-I v3.0.0.16 - A new version of software for working with Web cameras, has a number of quite good performance:
- Support for virtual drivers (video or image files directly from your hard disk);
- Effects (resizing, distortion, image effects, frames);
- Exchange of multimedia files, video processing (saturation, brightness and other basic optimization for the Internet);
- Teleconferencing;
- Visual effects to video chats;
- Determination of a person;
- Gluing panoramas from digital images and many others.

WebCam Companion
Digital video cameras have become common in households today. As a result, many video capture and editing software was made available for users to edit and create home movies. Forgotten in the compound is widely popular webcam, used for interactive video conversations, simple video creation, and a variety of other functions. Forgotten, that is, until now. ArcSoft WebCam Companion ™ 2 offers a wide range of features designed (intended) and optimized for use webcam. Is the used to start (run) video chat client or automatically record movement detected by the device, WebCam Companion the most out of any webcam.

Developer: ArcSoft, Inc.
Platform: win
Language: English
Medicine: Present
Size: 890 MB

To connect after downloading a file together, you simply unzip the start of any of the archives. WARNING! If at least one archive will be missed, the file does not connect!
Files on different servers - are used interchangeably. If for some reason could not download the package from one server, then you can download it from another.

Download links:

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