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Data: 7 Styczeń 2011
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IDEAL Administration 2011 v11.0.5

IDEAL Administration uproschyaet:
- Manage user groups
- Installation of the accounts
- Registry,
- Network properties
- Session
- Processes
- Operation of external devices.

Program features:
- Centralized administration of domain Windows NT/XP/2000/2003/2008
- Option to fast and reliable remote control
- E-Mail Management Exchange 5.5 & 2000
- Moving user accounts with passwords.
- Monitoring and reporting on the server

IDEAL Administration simplifies the following items:
- Manage user groups
- Manage Actions
- Account set-up
- Allowing users to
- Registration
- Wake on LAN
- Checking accounts
- Network characteristics
- Sessions
- A set of information
- User Accounts
- Network protection
- Services / external devices
- Printers
- Roster

Enhanced features allow you to monitor the emergence of new files in the computers of your users through the daily entries to CSV. Also available management authorized and trusted domains. With the choice of a single option, you can manage or apply to the action checked your network connection.

Domain Management:
- Complete list of domains in your network
- Management of proven networking
- PDC format
- Other domain users
- Current PDC session
- Partial and full synchronization
- Remove / add computers from the domain
- Investigation of domains not in the list
- Communication with network printers
- CSV files to computer from domain
- Simultaneous detection of network characteristics: IP addresses, protocols, DNS, WINS, etc.

Computer Management:
"General information: exit, comments, using programs at the time, date / time of shipment.
"Management Accounts: configuration of passwords, lock
"User access management: adding, changing, deleting, managing domains tested
"Managing test: activation, deactivation
"Controlling access to shared directory
"Session Management: disconnection, visualization
"Disk Management: format, size, volume name, free / used disk space, learning, networking environment, create shortcuts
"Management Task Scheduler: list, add, change, delete, copy
"Managing Printers: lists, status, finished documents
"Network information: maps, IP addresses, WINS, etc.
"Search your computer in the network (using the full name or the beginning)
"Manage user groups (global, local)
"Services / devices: create, delete, change, control
"Sending a message
"The suspension configuration
"Resources: full access to all resources required by users
"Personal settings
"Managing Windows NT Terminal Server Edition

User Management:
Member List: Detailed information on each, a quick answer to a query operation with users (delete, change, etc.)
"Modification of an unlimited number of accounts (together and each separately)
"The ability to save your password
"Copy one / multiple accounts to another computer (with preservation of passwords)
"Renaming a user
"Search Users
"Managing Windows NT Terminal Server Edition
"Automatic creation / transfer of MS Exchange mailboxes when deleting / creating a new user ...

Operating system: WinAll
Language: English
Medicine: Cracked
Size: 15.95 Mb

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