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Autor: presenter
Data: 3 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

EDIUS Canopus 4.61 FULL

EDIUS Canopus 4.61 FULL
Eng | 1,64 GB | 2008

The video editor allows you to operate in real time, mix various formats HD / SD, including HD, HDV, DV, MPEG-2, lossless and uncompressed video. Applying quality transcoding technology, EDIUS Pro converts video in real time in HD and SD, using different aspect ratios and frame rates. EDIUS Pro also provides playback and DV output of all effects, Keyer, transitions and titles, and can export projects to any format, including DVD-Video. These new features such as support functions multicam, editing of several sequences within the same project, an improved tool for cutting (trimming tool) and the opportunity to work with keyframes for color correction, converted to EDIUS Pro NLE flexible solution that ensures maximum efficiency of the professionals in the field of video

System requirements:
* IntelŽ PentiumŽ 4 3.0GHz CPU or faster (Intel XeonŽ 2.8GHz dual processors recommended for HD/HDV editing, Hyper-Threading supported)
* 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended)
* 800MB free disk space for the application
* DVD-ROM drive for software installation
* WindowsŽ XP Home or Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or later)
* DirectX 9.0 or later
* Graphics card with hardware-based DirectDraw overlay and 32-bit color display at a 1024x768 resolution (128MB of graphics memory is required when editing in HD resolution)
* ATA100/5400rpm or faster hard disk recommended (Ultra SCSI 160 or better is required for playing two or more uncompressed video streams simultaneously)
* One free USB port (1.1 or higher) for software protection key
* Soundcard

Additional Information:
New features EDIUS Pro 4:
- Mode multikamerny Multicam editing
- Possibility of editing of several sequences on one time line
- Improved management of color correction
- Redesigned User Interface
- New window trim mode
- Improved opportunities when working with tracks with a time-line
- EDIUS Speed Encoder for HDV
- Support for importing and editing formats Windows Media Ž
- Support for importing sound Dolby Ž Digital (AC-3)
- Support for alpha channel for Canopus HQ codec
- New preset in the Project Properties: 1920 x 1080 (60i/50i)
- A floating window interface for easy configuration of the working area (single or dual monitor mode)
- One or two preview-windows (recorder and player)
- Possibility of preservation of 10 schemes of the interface
- Configurable button bar
- Customizable keyboard shortcuts
- Renaming of paths on a time line
- Save effect settings
- Restore the link to the lost files
- Overlay time code and sound level on video
- Separate windows time line, project the effects of information and markers
- Conclusion vektoroscopa and waveform-monitor in real time
Assembly on the timeline
- Fast and flexible installation for efficiency and productivity.
- Unlimited number of tracks of video, audio and graphics
- Sound waveform-monitor
- Change the transparency of the video-on markers
- Change the volume level and pan on the markers
- Blocking and oklyuchenie tracks
- Three-and four-point mounting
- Support of all ways of editing: ripple, slip, slide, roll
- Separate editing of video and audio
- Imposing an offscreen sound
- Audio mixer with the output in real time
- Group selection of clips for moving, cutting and copying
- Application of effects simultaneously for group of clips
- Cutting clips on all tracks
- Separation of video and audio
- Jump on one track and between tracks
- Tools to change the size and position of frame
- Slow / Fast play back and forth
- Unlimited undo
- Autosave function
- The effects in real time for boundless creativity
- Withdrawal of all effects in real time
- Output graphics and titles in real time
- Video filters in real time:
Anti Flicker, Blend Filters, Block Color, Blur, Chrominance, Color Balance, Color Wheel, Combine Filters, Emboss, Loop Slide, Matrix, Median, Mirror, Monotone, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Old Movie / Film, Pencil Sketch, Raster Wipe , Region, Sharpness, Smooth Blur, Soft Focus, Strobe / Freeze, Tunnel Vision, Video Noise, White Balance, YUV Curve
- Audio filters in real time:
Delay, Graphic Equalizer, High-pass Filter, Low-pass Filter, Panpot and Balance, Parametric Equalizer, Tone Controller
- Videokeyery in real time:
3D picture-in-picture, chroma / luma keying, picture-in-picture
2D and 3D transitions in real-time (including SMPTE transitions)
- Effects for titles in real time
- Support of VST-plug-ins for a sound (VST-plug-ins are not included)
- Inscriber Ž TitleMotion Ž Pro for Canopus
- Vertical / horizontal scrolling in real time
- Animated caption with 3D-effects and moving
Working with Files
- Grouping of media files
- Support for nested folders
- Detailed information about folders
- Advanced Search videos
- Import of files by dragging from Windows Explorer
- Configure aspect ratio and field order for the clip
- TGA-sequence Import
Supported video formats:
MPEG Video Stream (*. mpv; *. m2v)
MPEG Program Stream (*. mpg; *. mpeg; *. m2p; *. mp2)
MPEG Transport Stream (*. m2p; *. m2t)
DV, uncompressed AVI (*. avi)
QuickTime (*. mov)
Supported audio formats:
Aiff File (*. aif; *. aiff)
Ogg Vorbis File (*. ogg)
MPEG Audio Layer-3 (*. mp3)
MPEG Audio Stream (*. mpa; *. m2a)
Supported still images:
Inscriber (*. icg; *. ips)
Targa (*. tga; *. targa; *. vda; *. icb; *. vst)
Windows Bitmap (*. bmp; *. dib; *. rle)
JPEG (*. jpg; *. jpeg; *. jfif)
Flash Pix (*. fpx)
TIFF (*. tif; *. tiff)
Photoshop (*. psd)
Portable Network Graphics (*. png)
PICT (*. pic; *. pct; *. pict)
QuickTime Image (*. qtif; *. qti; *. qif)
Silicon Graphics Image File (*. sgi; *. rgb)
CompuServe GIF (*. gif)
Windows Meta File (*. wmf)
Wave File (*. wav)
Sort clips by:
File Name
Behalf of the clip
File size
Additional features:
Lapse control at capture with DV
Batch capture
Capture directly to the timeline
Capturing Sound
Automatic partitioning the capture date and time code
Import uncompressed 32-bit video with alpha channel
Import EDL - BVE-9100/5000 and CMX-340
Import clips from the CD / DVD-ROM drive
Conclusion DV-stream in real time
The introduction of time-code when exporting
Export as a sequence of TGA-files
Export in MPEG1, MPEG2, Windows Media, RealVideo, QuickTime and DivX through ProCoder Express for EDIUS
Record project to DVD from the timeline
Hardware encoding with Canopus MVRD2200 MPEGPRO
Export in Canopus HD, DV and MPEG

Installation Procedure:
Full working version. Install, enter serial (attached, no setup.inx change is not necessary), reboot.
Now, after installing and rebooting the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 set, replacing the old files and pavplal.dll pavedius.dll. Added crack for version 4.6 and 4.61.

EDIUS Canopus 4.61 FULL

Year: 2008.
Developer: Grass Valley.
Compatibility with Vista: Yes.
Operating system: Win
Language: English.
Medicine: present.
Official site:
Size: 1,64 GB

To connect after downloading a file together, you simply unzip the start of any of the archives. WARNING! If at least one archive will be missed, the file does not connect!
Files on different servers - are used interchangeably. If for some reason could not download the package from one server, then you can download it from another.

Download links:

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