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Data: 26 Grudzień 2010
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Luxion Keyshot Pro V2.1.25

Luxion Keyshot Pro V2.1.25
ML | 1.04 GB | 2010

Luxion Keyshot PRO - A good program for projecting 3D scenes and modeley.Konechnoe state images can be compared with fotograiyami high quality and you will not find a difference, as you create fotorealestichnye images with 3D-modeley.Pri it you can do it all faster, easier and more beautiful than ever.
The program can operate as a standalone software or as a supplement (plugin), with the following applications: OBJ, Autodesk Alias Maya, FBX, 3DS, Rhinoceros Plugin, SketchUp, SolidWorks, Pro / ENGINEER Plugin, ALIAS, JT.

KeyShot uses the physically correct and proved CIE (International Commission on Illumination - International Commission on Illumination) rendering engine, with many innovations developed by Danish researchers in the field of computer graphics Vann Jensen Henrik (Henrik Wann Jensen), for which he received an award from the Academy Awards for technical achievement in 2004.

Some of the key features of KeyShot are: controlled processor that runs on any modern PC or Mac; use "unbiased sampling techniques" (Unbiased Sampling Technique), which calculates the mathematically correct result, use of fine materials from the scientific point of view, multi-core photonic projection (Photon Mapping ) adaptive sampling material and the use of kernel dynamic lighting (Dynamic Light Core), allowing to see the results during the change.

Supported features realtime-reytreysinga:
• Interactive wysiwyg raytracing
• Photon mapping
• HDRI lighting
• Global illumination
• Ambient occlusion
• Final gathering
• Environment shadow casting
• Self and inter-object shadow casting
• Environment reflections
• Refraction
• Caustics
• Inter-object light bouncing

System requirements:
• Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 x32/x64
• AMD or Pentium 4 processor or better
• Minimum 1 GB of memory
• Minimum 500 MB of space on a hard drive
• 3 button mouse
• Monitor the expansion of 1024 x 768 or higher
• Any video card (nothing special).

Luxion Keyshot Pro V2.1.25
Luxion Keyshot Pro V2.1.25

Release year: 2010
OS: Windows XP / VISTA / 7
Medical: it present
Language: ML
Size: 1.04 GB

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