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Autor: presenter
Data: 26 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v 5.5 (x86)

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v 5.5 (x86)
Eng | 1.93 Gb | 2010

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite - a complete set of plug-ins from onOne Software, submitted in one package. Includes six plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop: FocalPoint 2.0.4, PhotoTune 3.0.5, PhotoFrame 4.6, PhotoTools 2.6, MaskPro 4.1.9b, Perfect Resize 7. Using a set of plug-ins OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 5.5, you can perform many tasks associated with resizing images, removing backgrounds and the creation of masks, images, color manipulation and focus, Imposing various photographs, and many others. Starting with version 5.1, OnOne Perfect Photo Suite now supports Photoshop CS5 and has preliminary support for Adobe Lightroom 3.

The main functions of OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 5.5:
- Resize images using Perfect Resize
- Remove unwanted backgrounds from pictures using MaskPro
- Color Correction by PhotoTune
- Apply the focus to objects using FocalPoint
- Get professional-looking photos with PhotoTools
- Add frames to your photos using PhotoFrame

Perfect Resize 7
Designed to increase image size up to 1000% or more with virtually no loss of quality, which are observed in the standard scaling method used in Adobe Photoshop Added support for Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Lightroom 2. In Genuine Fractals using fractal method for increasing. Each section image is stretched according to its local geometrical characteristics. This avoids the usual artifacts of interpolation: vertical and horizontal lines between contrasting areas are not washed away, along the oblique teeth are not formed, and around sharp corners - halos, contrasting textures do not lose their sharpness, but do not turn into a lattice of enlarged pixels. Interpolation algorithms implemented in the Perfect Resize 7, based on image encoding method of IFS (Iterated Functions System), in which every image is considered as a fractal (infinitely scalable) set. The program is framed as a loadable module for Adobe Photoshop, which complements the list of formats available for reading and writing, two more points - *. STN and *. FIF. These images are "dimensionless": every time I open them, the user can specify the desired him permission. Perfect Resize 7 can change the features of the texture presets easy even for novice users, the new settings to control the detailing-tion figure, the sharpness and the existence of "seed" with the ability to control outcomes. An additional advantage of the format FIF (Fractal Image Format) is compatible with some programs for viewing images.

PhotoTools 2.6
Plug-ins are based on Photoshop Actions and provide an opportunity to apply more than 270 effects. The composition of the professional version is still one hundred and twenty additional effects. With the help of plug-ins can perform color correction, add the effects of polarization, solarization, blueprints, and many others. Before you apply the effect to an image, you can see how it will look in the preview window. Both the plugin give the ability to perform the processing images in batch mode, applying effects directly to all the images placed in the selected folder. Moreover, images can have different output format and resolution, they can also be added votermark. The second version introduces a new effects library, improved mode of organizing effects by category, added a new mode of searching by keywords, added the ability to view the preliminary blank effects, the ability to create masks for each effect. The professional version also supports plug-in Photoshop Lightroom 2 and Apple Aperture 2.1.

PhotoFrame 4.6
Designed to create a framework. The plugin allows you to create virtually any frame - volume, with luminosity, using textures, cast shadows, etc. PhotoFrame comes in two versions - standard ($ 160) and Professional ($ 260). From the standard version of the plug Professional Edition is distinguished by the extra frame, combined in a collection of Pro Digital Frame Bundle. This collection framework was previously available as a separate product. The latest version adds support for the programs Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 and Apple Aperture 2.1, introduces a new library framework, improved tools for library management, changes in the interface, it is possible to combine up to 32 frames, each using its own layer.

FocalPoint 2.0.4
Addition is intended to create vignettes and adding effects to the image focus. This effect is very popular, particularly in wedding and portrait photography - the focus remains only the main object, and everything blurred. In FocalPoint there are many possibilities for creating different effects of this kind: it is possible to simulate the effect of blurring the motion, brighten or darken image areas that did not come into focus, etc. The plugin supports saving created with the help of effects as templates for repeated use in the future.

MaskPro 4.1.9b
The plugin provides the designer a complete set of intuitive and easy to use tools for masking objects, and uses technology to keep colors as accurate as possible and clean the edges of the object. The new version has support for Tablet Wacom. Mask Pro 4 will be displayed in the toolbars digital equivalents of the values of the settings, if necessary, to make automatic scrolling images, a new palette allows the user to accurately determine the allocated color. Aktivirutsya plugin in Photoshop only to create a mask on the duplicate layer.

PhotoTune 3.0.5
The structure of this module consists of two separate components - Color MD 2.0 (ColorTune) and SkinTune 2.0. ColorTune is a universal solution for the correction of digital images. The plugin works as a step wizard in each stage of which the user is prompted to choose a more successful version of the corrected images of the two options. SkinTune - this plugin allows to remove the portraits disadvantages associated with improper lighting. Its uniqueness is that it takes into account skin color. When the same light skin is different colors will be covered differently. If you take a picture of two people with different skin colors in the same conditions, one picture may be better than another. (To get started, SkinTune necessarily need to specify which race belongs to the man in the portrait, and then choose on the face of a bad lot - too shady or too bleached. Based on this information, the filter will select the optimum balance of light on the image and give the skin a natural shade.)
The onOne Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 includes six award-winning programs to help solve the six most common problems photographers face in Photoshop. But don't just take our word for it - American Photo Magazine awarded the Plug-in Suite their Editor's Choice award for Top Image Editing Software and the professional photographers who read Studio Photography voted the Perfect Photo Suite the best plug-in for Photoshop in their Reader's Choice Awards.

With the Perfect Photo Suite, you get the most recent versions of the individual award-winning products from onOne including Perfect Resize for resizing, Mask Pro for removing unwanted backgrounds, PhotoTune for color correction, FocalPoint for selective focus and PhotoTools and PhotoFrame for amazing photographic effects.

Perfect Resize (formerly known as Genuine Fractals) is the industry standard for enlarging and resizing images. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size without the loss of sharpness or detail that you might normally expect. The patented, fractal-based interpolation algorithms work like nothing else and the results speak for themselves.

PhotoTools 2.6 Professional Edition is the fastest and easiest way to add a professional look to your photos in Photoshop. You get over 300 professional-grade photographic effects, all wrapped up in an easy-to-use Photoshop plug-in making this the fastest and easiest way to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

PhotoFrame 4.6 Professional Edition features over a thousand design elements like film edges, borders, textures, backgrounds and adornments. It even has complete layouts where you just drop in your image.
PhotoFrame 4.6 Professional Edition is the easiest and fastest way to add an authentic darkroom touch with a film edge or to create beautiful albums or scrapbook pages. It includes all the tools you need to find the perfect design elements, add them to your image and control things like size, color and opacity. You can even stack multiple elements to create your own designs and save them as a preset you can use in a single-click inside of Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture.

You control the focus with FocalPoint 2. Create realistic selective focus, depth-of-field and vignette effects that tell your viewers exactly where to look. With the intuitive FocusBug controller it is just like using a tilt-shift or selective focus lens right inside of Adobe Photoshop.

Great color, it's not as hard as you think. If you can compare images side-by-side and pick the best one, then you can easily color correct and enhance your images with PhotoTune 3. Additionally, PhotoTune 3 improves the color and sharpness of your image without the need to know how to use levels or curves in Photoshop.

For removing unwanted backgrounds, Mask Pro is the Photoshop plugin recommended by Advanced Photoshop magazine. Mask Pro allows you to cut out a subject from the background by assigning keep and drop colors and simply painting away the background. Mask Pro makes it easy to create masks, selections and clipping paths on difficult subjects like hair, glass and fog all in real-time.

What's new in Perfect Photo Suite 5.5
- NEW Perfect Resize is the next generation of Genuine Fractals, the industry standard for image enlargement. Perfect Resize 7 includes the following:
- NEW Smoothness Control: The new smoothness control in the Structure pane gives you the ability to adjust the smoothness of curved edges to minimize artifacts, especially when starting with small jpg files.
- NEW Loupe Tool: The Loupe function of the Navigator gives an instant 1 to 1 magnified preview of enlargement quality while still seeing the entire image.
- NEW Presets: The new presets feature allows you to save your most commonly used settings, making it faster to get consistent results.
- NEW Sharpening Methods: Two new sharpening methods have been added. One targets out-of-focus images. The second method adapts the sharpening amount automatically to the size of image details. This allows it to sharpen small details greatly without causing halos on larger, distinct edges.
- NEW Batch Processing Enhancements: The batch-processing engine now has more options for controlling the image dimensions, especially when dealing with images of mixed size, type and orientation. You can now batch process images using Perfect Resize from the Export dialog inside of Lightroom.
- Improved Gallery Wrap: You can now preview the results from the Gallery Wrap feature in real-time. It now automatically fills in the corners with matching image detail as well.
- Improved Tiling: The Tiling Feature now automatically saves each tile as new file; and you can use the Tiling and Gallery Wrap features together for creating canvas diptychs, triptychs or mosaics.
- Improved Lightroom Integration: You can now use Genuine Fractals to process single or batch process multiple images right inside of Lightroom, no need to go to Photoshop.
- Additional Improvements: There are numerous other enhancements as well. These include presets for common printer resolutions, improved progress indicators, the ability to use tiling and
gallery wrap in Aperture.
* Updated PhotoTools 2.6 with over a dozen new effects.
* Updated PhotoFrame 4.6 with tons of new layouts, backgrounds and adornments
* Now you can use FocalPoint, PhotoTune, PhotoFrame, and Perfect Resize directly
with Photoshop Lightroom, or Apple Aperture on their own without Photoshop, whatever your workflow, the Perfect Photo Suite is there.
* Defect correction

What you get in the Suite
The Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 includes 7 award-winning Photoshop plugins to help solve 7 of the most common problems photographers face. You get the most recent versions of Perfect Resize (powered by Genuine Fractals) for resizing, Mask Pro for removing unwanted backgrounds, PhotoTune for color correction, FocalPoint for selective focus and PhotoTools and PhotoFrame for amazing photographic effects. Plus, you get our newest product—Perfect Layers. Learn more about the products in Perfect Photo Suite.

The Perfect Photo Suite will make your digital photography easier, faster and better. But don't just take our word for it. The Perfect Photo Suite has received several awards for three years in a row including the Digital Photo magazine Editors' Choice Award (2010), American Photo magazine's Editors' Choice Award (2009) and the Studio Photography Reader's Choice Award for best Photoshop plug-in in 2008.

System Requirements
* Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (current maintenance releases)
* 1.8 GHz or faster Intel processor with SSE3
* 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
* 3GB Hard Disc Space
* OpenGL 2.0 capable video card with 256 MB VRAM running at 1024x768
(1280x1024 or higher recommended)
* Internet connection for activation, auto updates and video tutorials
* Adobe Flash 10 player
* DVD drive for installation from disc
* Administrator privileges to install and uninstall
* Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework (installed automatically if missing)

Optional Integration
* Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5
* Adobe Photoshop Elements 7,8 or 9 (PhotoTools not supported)
* Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or 3
(PhotoTools integration requires a full version of Photoshop)

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v 5.5 (x86)
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v 5.5 (x86)
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite v 5.5 (x86)

Version: 5.5
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: english
Medicine: crack (only for x86)
Size: 1.93 Gb

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Files on different servers - are used interchangeably. If for some reason could not download the package from one server, then you can download it from another.

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