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Data: 28 Październik 2010

Panda Global Protection 2011 (2010) (Multi)

Panda Global Protection 2011 (2010) (Multi) | 72.2 MB

Panda Global Protection 2011 - is the most comprehensive anti-virus product that provides everything necessary to protect the computer and information. Panda Global Protection 2011 protects you from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and other Internet threats.

Anti-Spam protects your e-mail from unsolicited emails (spam), "Parental Controls blocks access to sites containing hazardous to children's information (for example, sites about drugs or weapons, paid online games and porn sites). With the help of Panda Global Protection 2011, you can also create backups of important files (documents, music, photos, etc.), recording them on digital media or using the online store, and recover when they are lost or damaged.
Enjoy complete security with the Panda Global Protection 2011.

Panda protects your Internet World - Security in real time by
collective knowledge of millions of users

Through our globally recognized Collective Intelligence technology, millions of users
Panda Security for the rapid exchange of information related to malware
automatically increasing the level of protection for all computers connected to the system. Reinforced
knowledge of the user community, our technology provides better protection mode
real time with minimal impact on your computer as the fastest and more complex

Want to get protection in real time with minimal impact on your computer? Become part of the community Panda and protect your online world!

Panda Global Protection 2011

More security, more protection.

More protection: Collective Intelligence is an information network
based on the community of users who are sharing
knowledge about malware. Threat detection and protection in

Higher speed, more simplicity.

Easier and easier: in addition to what the product is very easy to use, it
using our technology, Collective Intelligence, posted on the Internet, not on your computer that
achieves high performance with minimal impact on your PC.

More complete protection than ever.

More than just an Anti-Virus: provides a set of new tools that allow you to get maximum
full protection. You can not worry about their safety.

Protection in real time by using the collective knowledge of millions of

Panda protects your Internet world and ...
Your PC
Your Internet
Your network
Your e-mail
Your family and personal data
Your valuable information
Your PC's performance
Your confidential files

System requirements:
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, Vista ő64, 7, 7 ő64
Processor: Pentium 300 Ghz
Language: Multi
Year: 2010


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