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Autor: leksema26
Data: 23 Wrzesień 2010

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall (Eng) (2010)

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall (Eng) (2010) | 47.2 MB

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010 - is a personal firewall and is designed to protect your computer from threats of all kinds at work on the Internet and local networks. Restricts access to a computer from the network and allows you to control access to the network software is installed on your computer. In addition, it can control and prevent outbound data sending unwanted information by mail or through web-interface. ZoneAlarm monitors incoming and outgoing mail. In the inbox it can rename potentially dangerous attachments and place them in quarantine. The number of outgoing mail can be restricted to prevent mass mailings when infecting a computer, mail worms, which together with the monitoring of applications impedes the work of worms. Firewall can be removed from the visited pages advertising, saving bandwidth and reducing download time of pages. Block scripts and active content to help prevent infecting your computer when you visit certain Web sites.

System requirements:
Platform: Microsoft Windows 7:
32-bit / 64-bit , 2 GB RAM
2 GHz or faster processor
250MB of available hard-disk space

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 Business / Home Premium / Ultimate:
32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
2 GHz or faster processor
250MB of available hard-disk space

Microsoft Windows, XP SP2 or SP3 Home / Professional
32-bit, 1GB RAM
1 GHz or faster processor
250MB of available hard-disk space
Language: Eng
Crack: Present
Year: 2010


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