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Assembly programming package for Windows (5th Edition)

Assembly programming package for Windows (5th Edition) | 1.53 GiB


What exactly is this package all about you might ask? The short answer is that it is an attempt to gather the vastness of tools and documentation needed to form an assembly coding environment, as complete as possible without any lacks whatsoever.Everything you need should be included. So this collection is a continous work in progress to find and collect the best tools out there.If you are new to assembly or just want to code assembly, this is the package for you. It contains most of what you need to get started. I've included Masm v8.0 in the package but dont use it, it was added just in case people for some odd reason want to install it. Use Masm v10 which you can find in the latest binaries folder. Many programs will be deleted or replaced with new ones in future releases of this torrent. As I try to gather the very best tools out there, some times I discover better tools and I replace old ones. All coding editors have been removed from this package and replaced fully with Notepad++. Notepad++ is the ultimate of code editors of what ive experienced. If you bother to learn its features you will agree with me. I've added the best coding font out there, be sure to install this font and use it in notepad++. The latest SDKs for coding the windows platform and directx is included. The old win32 help files have also been added just in case you prefer the old format better, use it with caution as it is old and outdated.Many other tools is included. Check it out yourself.
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* Masm32 basic environment
* MS Macro Assembler 8
* MS Macro Assembler 10
* Latest binaries for v10
* MS Windows SDK v7.1
* Win32 Help Files
* DirectX SDK 8.1
* DirectX SDK June 2010
* Masm help files
* Iczelions Win32 Tutorials
* Video Tutorials
* Basic Principles TextFiles
* Sample Programs & Games
* Tons of E-Books
* Aritech Ascii Table
* Dependency Walker 2.2
* Header2Inc
* OpenedFilesView v1.46
* Text to Binary/Hex Converter
* Notepad++
* OllyDbg v2.00 Debugger
* Resource Editor
* XVI32 Hex Editor
* SpeedCrunch Calculator
* TI-89 Calculator-Emulator
* Top Coding Font included
* Many useful urls to visit


Change 1:
conTEXT editor removed (Use Notepad++ for anything you do, it's a high quality editor)

Change 2:
MasmEd2 removed (Use Notepad++ instead)

Change 3:
Added new documents about thread synchronization in the basic principles folder.
Also changed a few of the file names and corrected a few terms in the files.

Change 4:
Added a text file in the basic principles folder about how to compare files for differences.

Change 5:
Windows SDK 7.0 removed (Use SDK 7.1)

Change 6:
DirectX SDK Feb. 2010 removed (Use DirectX SDK June 2010)

Change 7:
OllyDbg folder renamed to proper name (Mistakenly named in previous release)

Change 8:
Files and Folders have been reorganized and numbered for easy access

Change 9:
Added the best high quality font out there

Change 10:
Many new urls added to "Urls to visit.txt"

Change 11:
Removed unrelated c++ e-books that doesnt belong to assembly

Change 12:
Added AMD Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 10h Processors (Quad-Core, Six-Core) e-book

Change 13:
Added Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual e-book

Change 14:
Added Texas Instrument TI-89 calculator if advanced graphical functionality is needed.

Change 15:
Removed ResEdit 1.5.4 (Use Resource Editor instead)

Change 16:
Replaced Resource Editor with Resource Editor
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