Autor: Kvartamix
Data: 17 Czerwiec 2010

Beautiful skins for Kaspersky KAV and KIS 2010

Beautiful skins for Kaspersky KAV and KIS 2010 | 119 MB

A graphical shell (skin) Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 - the folder, which contains files and directories, which are sounds, graphics and language files.
To activate KAV / KIS 2010 using the key, before it was necessary to enter the activation code, wait for the antivirus software will generate an error activation and displays a select key file. Now everything is much easier in these skins added function "Activate using the key."

Installing the skin:
1. Open KAV / KIS.
2. Click on "Settings" (upper right corner of the window KAV / KIS).
3. Go to "Options", uncheck "daw" on the option "Enable self-defense" and click "OK". On the pop-up window with the message that the protection is disabled, do not pay attention and do it not alone! Self-protection is turned off in order to allow spoofing of files in a directory with KAV / KIS, otherwise the program will not allow it to do.
4. Then quit KAV / KIS (just completed, and not turn it into the tray, be sure to check it!). Exit the program you can click on the icon in the tray of the program right mouse button and selecting Punt "Exit."
5. Copy the folder the skin into C: / Program Files / Kaspersky Lab and request that the folder / files already exist and whether they should rewrite the answer in the affirmative.
6. Then run KAV / KIS, open the window and click on "Settings".
7. Go to "Options", select "daw" on the option "Enable self-defense" and click "OK".
8. Click on the button (Settings).
9. Next, open the menu''type''(Options).
10. The right side must put a tick next to "Use alternative desktop environments", click the Browse button and specify the location of the folder.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Year: 2010


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