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Data: 4 Kwiecień 2011

TrustPort Internet Security

TrustPort Internet Security | 211 MB

TrustPort Internet Security 2011 - offers comprehensive protection for your computer from malware and Internet threats. Includes antivirus, with 2 cores (AVG and BITDEFENDER), an intelligent firewall, monitoring websites and email protection.

The utility checks for email viruses and durable protection against spam. Also prevents the download of malicious files from sites and protects children from inappropriate Internet content. Comprehensive antivirus TRUSTPORT controls all communication with the Internet and allows you to block unknown compounds.

Key features TRUSTPORT Internet Security 2011:
• An effective antivirus and antispyware
• Email Protection
• Monitoring sites
• Intelligent Firewall
• Parental Control
• Automatic monitoring of data carriers
• Automatic updates

The main functions TRUSTPORT Internet Security 2011:
• Protection of local files
Resident protection continuously monitors the opened files and does not allow malware to run. At specified intervals for preventive maintenance, antivirus scan an entire disk. As a result, manual 2-top anti-virus engine, AVG, BITDEFENDER, TRUSTPORT possible to detect malicious software are among the best in the world.
• Antivirus and firewall
Utility uses the traditional scanning and heuristic analysis to detect and block all malicious programs that can get on the computer from the Internet or from removable storage media (USB-flash drives, CD / DVD drives). As a result, manual 2-top anti-virus engine, AVG, BITDEFENDER, TRUSTPORT possible to detect malicious software are among the best in the world.
• Web Protection
Web page - the most common sources of virus infections, for this reason, the utility scans all files that are downloaded from the Internet. It is possible to automatically detect the data streams, such as audio and video streams that do not need to be scanned. Typical phishing sites are identified and blocked.
• Email Protection
Email is checked for malware and spam. Invited to complete integration into popular email clients Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Also may scan all incoming messages from any selected customer.
• Personal firewall
All contacts m / s from the computer and the external environment are controlled. The majority of legitimate applications are recognized and allowed connection to the Internet. Suspicious and unknown applications are blocked, or, in some situations, it is suggested you allow or block them. TRUSTPORT Total Protection 2011 uses a wide range of settings firewall.
• Destruction and data encryption
Available 2 ways to encrypt data. For secure backup of important data useful to save them in encrypted archive, for daily use, they may be located on the encrypted disk. It is possible to securely eliminate unnecessary confidential data using a tool TRUSTPORT DATASHREDDER.
• Parental Control
The utility recognizes 13 categories of undesirable sites, such as, for example, pornographic and gambling sites, which may be blocked. Individual users can do their own profiles for blocking certain categories.
• Pocket Antivirus
Portable version of antivirus for USB-stick makes it possible to protect those in their transfer to portable devices and anti-virus checks on any computer that supports USB.

Language: English
Platform: Windows All
License: Shareware (Cracked)
Developer: / en / products / trustport-internet-security
Size: 211 MB

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