Autor: kvartamix
Data: 21 Marzec 2011

Vba32 Rescue (Multilang)

Vba32 Rescue (Multilang) | 109 MB

Rescue image Vba32 Rescue - company product VirusBlokAda ", allowing the system to recover after exposure to malicious software.
In the anti-virus kernel of Vba32 effectively apply a powerful processor emulator and high-expertise analyzer. Features of the implementation of the emulator (including dynamic translation of code) can significantly as compared with foreign counterparts to increase the rate of antiviral treatment

Vba32 Rescue allows you to disarm the malicious (and suspicious) software on the user's computer with the greatest effect. The scanning and treatment are made regardless of the operating system installed on your computer. Due to this, the malware will not be able to counteract the process of neutralization.
Rescue image Vba32 Rescue is a bootable ISO-image, which can be recorded on a CD or USB-drive. At the heart of the image on the kernel-based operating system Linux, the bootloader grub2, console scanner Vba32.CS.L on Linux and other plug-ins work with the file system, network environments, graphical user interface, etc.
Rescue image Vba32 Rescue operates in the following modes:
• vba32rescue - standard mode;
• vba32rescue2ram - mode boot image into memory. The first mode provides the standard features of the rescue image and is called by default. This mode is less demanding of hardware resources.
The second mode, besides the standard features, provides an exemption carrier, from which this image was loaded. This enables parallel testing of multiple computers using a single bootable CD or USB-drive.

System requirements:
Platform: WindowsŽ 2000/XP/2003/Vista /Seven
Processor: 1 Ghz
Language: Russian, English, German, Byelorussian
Crack: not required
Year: 2011


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