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Data: 10 Luty 2011

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Build 08.02.2011 + ADDONS (2011/MULTi)

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Build 08.02.2011 + ADDONS
2011 | MULTi | 195 MB

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 - a boot disk that contains the scanner is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Boot with the disk Kaspersky Rescue Disk, to detect and remove the infected computer malware and other threats without the risk of infecting other files and computers. Kaspersky Rescue Disk allows you to more effectively cope with the virus, as this disc does not require loading Windows, and therefore malicious programs will be inactive.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 - Special program designed to scan and disinfect infected x86 and x64-compatible computers. The program is used when the extent of infection, when it is not possible to cure your computer with antivirus programs or tools of treatment (eg, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool), running under the operating system. The effectiveness of treatment is enhanced by the fact that in the system are malicious programs do not get control at boot time.

Rescue2USB - a new utility from Kaspersky Labs, which writes the iso-image Kaspersky Rescue Disk 1910 on a USB-device.

The procedure for downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk:
1) Unzip the downloaded file, verify the checksum Kaspersky Rescue Disk
2) Make a note of this boot image on CD
3) Include in the BIOS to boot from CD / DVD-ROM
4) Put the CD with the recorded image Kaspersky Rescue Disk
5) Restart your computer

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Build 08.02.2011 + ADDONS (2011/MULTi)

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Build 08.02.2011 + ADDONS (2011/MULTi)

Main features of Kaspersky Rescue Disk:
1. Start computer with CD / DVD-media
2. Booting from USB-carrier
3. Boot the computer in a graphical and text mode
4. Retention of information about hardware systems in an electronic form to send it to Kaspersky Lab in the case of an unsuccessful download
5. Search malware startup objects and treatment facilities Autoplay
6. Search and destroy harmful objects in the boot sectors of disks attached
7. Search malware and treatment of files on disk
8. Check the following types of media:
- Internal Hard Drives,
- External USB-hard drives
- Flash-media data
9. Support for MS Dynamics Volumes and Hardware RAID
10. Supports the following file systems:
- FAT32,
- FAT16,
- Ext2,
- Ext3,
- ReiserFS

In this release are the Kaspersky Rescue Disk with current updates on 02/08/2011. The structure also includes the release Rescue2USB and usage guide (Manual).
Year: 2011
Version: Build 08.02.2011
Developer: Kaspersky Lab ( hits: 1928
Platform: 32/64 bit Windows 7/Vista/XP
Language: Multil (Russian, English, German, etc)
Tablet: Not required
Size: 195 MB

New in Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10:
- Implemented treatment Startup.
- Added a heuristic.
- Updated software modules of the product.
- Added support for RAID-arrays.
- Added ability to configure the network, including Wi-Fi.
- Changed the text-based work.
- Changed the operating system loader.
- Updated operating system kernel.
- Updated software packages from other manufacturers.
- Added a number of software packages from other manufacturers.

Checksums Kaspersky Rescue Disk Build 08.02.2011:
CRC32: 8A4761AF
MD5: 043FF098642A6850591282DA0920AE3D
SHA-1: 05EF93E4186BD32696F2C333999743E7691574E2

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