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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: tanya-j
Data: 9 Luty 2011

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Pro/Dr.Web Security Space Pro (ő86/64) - Final

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Pro/Dr.Web Security Space Pro (ő86/64) - Final
2011 | Multi | Cracked | 250 MB

Dr.Web - developer of information security and the Russian market leader in Internet security services for home users. Dr.Web anti-virus developed since 1992. Geography of our users, and numerous certificates and awards evidence of exceptional trust to the products of the company.

Among consumer products companies - home users from all regions and major Russian companies, small organizations and system-corporations that team of Doctor Web is grateful for the support and dedication to product for many years. State certificates and awards received by antivirus software Dr.Web, as well as the geography of its users show high confidence in the product, created by talented programmers in Russia.

Ability to work on already infected computer and outstanding Dr.Web viruses, isolated from all other similar programs. Intelligent spam filtering technology Dr.Web, based on several thousands of rules, does not depend on the language of the written message. Dr.Web anti-spam technology can reduce the risk of getting the right messages in your Spam folder to a record in the industry minimum. Protocol HTTP, used for sending HTML-pages and their components (scripts, graphics, applets, etc.) browsers is one of the sources of viruses and malware on computers. Module SpIDer Gate in real time.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Pro - a powerful combination of anti-virus scanner Doctor Web, and residential guard SpIDer Guard, is deeply integrated into the operating system of your computer. One of the most sophisticated in the world of heuristic analyzers Doctor Web, combined with daily updated virus databases provide a solid defense, insuperable for any virus, trojan horse, e-mail worm and other malicious code. Dr.Web provides users with a powerful multi-layered defense against various types of malware, including spyware and adware. Radically improved heuristic analysis, allows the user to protect against previously unknown viruses whose signatures are missing in the virus database.

Dr.Web Security Space Pro - best solution for comprehensive protection of PC from online threats: viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, computer scams, spam, phishing messages, infected web sites, and cyber-crime, anti-detey.Vazhnym indicator of quality anti-virus program is not only its ability to find viruses, but also to treat them, not just delete the infected files, together with important information for the user, but return them to their original healthy condition.

Treats that others do not even see
Opportunity to treat active infections, viruses, and unique processing technology processes in memory and an excellent opportunity to neutralize the active infection, providing the ability to install Dr.Web for seemingly hopelessly infected PC - has been and remains the major and nobody has still not surpassed the technological advantages of Dr.Web . A striking example of this - the ability to render complex Dr.Web viruses, such as MaosBoot, Rustock.C, Sector. Technologies that enable Dr.Web counter active virus, rather than simply detect laboratory collection, received a new version of its further development.

Strong immunity
Self-defense and resistance to attacks of Dr.Web for Windows 5.0 at the highest level. The module is self Dr.Web SelfPROtect full control of access and modify files, processes, windows registry keys and applications. The module is installed in self-defense as a driver, unloading and unauthorized work stoppages which are impossible to reboot the system.

Struggle "ahead of the curve"
Detection efficiency of the modern anti-virus is not determined only by the number of records in its virus database - ie number of known threats - but also a set of technologies that enable the program to deal with yet unknown threats, and even not yet created a virus. Version 5.0 includes new technology for extracting universal FLY-CODE, which allows detektrovat viruses, hidden under unknown Dr.Web packers, based on specific entries in the Dr.Web virus database and heuristic assumptions, the search module Dr.Web about possibly contained in a packed archive Malware facility.

Confront unknown threats helps Dr.Web and unique technology of non-signature search Origins Tracing ™, has received a new version of its further development. It has already proven its efficiency during the epidemics that affected a large number of users of other vendors. Origins Tracing ™ complements the traditional signature-based search and Dr.Web heuristic analyzer and improves detection of unknown malicious programs.

Effective response to rootkit technologies:
Dr.Web for Windows - one of the few products that can not only detect and neutralize viruses using rootkit technology. Illustration of this objective - the widespread use of free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! Ž users to cure your computer from intruding into their system for rootkits. Version 5.0 implemented a new version of the driver Dr.Web Shield ™, which allows you to fight even rootkits the next generation.

Deep insight:
Antivirus kernel features unpack and check the depth of archived objects significantly affect the quality of detection. Dr.Web can check the archives at any level of nesting. Thus, even if a malicious program has been archived and repeatedly while using various archivers, Dr.Web shall detect and disarm. In addition to working with archives in the Dr.Web for Windows version 5.0 adds support for dozens of new packers and a number of improvements when working with packed files, including files packed many times and even different packers.

Improved performance:
Always light and maneuverable, Dr.Web for Windows version 5.0 is now even faster. New and optimized technologies have resulted in significant acceleration of the scanning process. Due to the increased speed scan engine, Dr.Web scanner up to 30% faster than the previous checks RAM, boot sectors, the contents of hard disks and removable media.

New! Protection against network attacks (Firewall Dr.Web)
* Protection against unauthorized access from outside, to prevent leaks of sensitive data over the network, blocking suspicious connections at the packet level, and applications.
* Connection control at the application level allows you to control access for specific programs and processes to network resources and record information on access attempts in the Application log.
* Filtering at the packet level allows you to control access to the Internet regardless of the programs that initiate the connection. Journal of the packet filter keeps information about the packages sent through network interfaces.

Platform / OS: XP, Vista, 7 (32/64-bit)
Language: Multi
: Cracked
Size: 68.69/69.87/103.1/104.4 MB

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