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Autor: gerwertun
Data: 14 Czerwiec 2010
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Raedon Tv Movie Radio Player
Raedon Tv Movie Radio Player|52.8 MB

The program Readon TV Movie Radio Player allows you to listen to radio , watch TV broadcasts and access to latest movies on the internet. All you need is a Windows PC and an Internet connection. There is no need for a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection. This is probably the best and yet free internet TV and radio you can get.
[center]Raedon Tv Movie Radio Player

Raedon Tv Movie Radio Player

Raedon Tv Movie Radio Player

Raedon Tv Movie Radio Player

* Thousands of TV and Radio channels.
* Latest movies!
* Live sports!
* A rich variety of TV channels including movies, kids, news, general TV, music videos, etc.
* A rich variety of Radio channels including pop, jazz, classical etc.
* Able to record music from radio and MTV channels into MP3 files so that you can enjoy them in your favourite MP3 player.
* Record your favourite TV shows into asf video format.
* Adult video search engines (thousands of videos).
* Flash games search engine (thousands of games).
* Able to set password to prevent viewing of objectionable contents.
* Automatic updating of channel lists.
* Much more!

[] 9th May 2010
1. Shoutcast no longer works with v7.0.0.0 and below after Shoutcast team has made changes in their XML format. v7.1.0.0 will fix this problem.
2. PPStream partial list will load faster and require less bandwidth.[/center]


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