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Data: 20 Maj 2010
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Cache AutoSaver 1.2

Cache AutoSaver 1.2 | 8.5 MB

When you search the Internet, your web browser stores the files (pictures, video, audio, etc.) from the pages you visit in what's called the "cache". That's way, if you visit the same website later, you computer can retrieve these files from its cache rather than directly off the Internet, which can speed up the time it takes the page to load. Cache AutoSaver retrieves recent files from the cache and compares them with set of filters. In this way the suitable files will be saved in the local folders defined in the filters. In Cache AutoSaver such an operation is called the "Capture and Save Files Process". Additionally Cache AutoSaver can capture and save not only recent files but can do it for all the files in the cache. This operation is called the "Capture and Save Files Process for Whole Cache".

Cache AutoSaver is a nice utility that captures files from IE and Firefox cache and saves them into your local folders. When you complete your work in web and your web browser is closed Cache AutoSaver will start and save recent files into you local folders in accordance with your "filters". "Filter" is just a condition for file selection and Cache AutoSaver uses ones to capture suitable files.
For example if you would like to save all video clips you saw in web or save all the pictures in specified size from specified URL Cache AutoSaver will make it for you!
Would you like to save all the audio that you listened from web automatically? Do you need to save such files from only specified website? Cache AutoSaver can make it for you!
This version recognizes the following file types: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, FLV, MPG, WMV, SWF, MP3, WAV, PDF, PLAIN, HTML, XML, CSS, JS, and ZIP.

Cache View Plus supports the following web browsers:
-Microsoft Internet Explorer.
-Mozilla Firefox.

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