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Data: 18 Marzec 2013
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Internet

All-Radio 3.79 Portable

Tune in on your favorite radio! Keep up with the news, local and international, and discover new trends and new artists on more than 5200 stations worldwide. With allRadio you may keep in touch with your favorite local radio or listen to more than 35 musical genres … worldwide! Jazz, Latino, Rock, Electronic, Dance, Opera, School, HipHop, R&B… USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain, Canada, Africa, Asia, Russia… With a simple transmitter any car trip might be changed into a journey of discovery. You are looking forward to an exotic ambiance, in your own home, just plug your iPhone or iPod to your HiFi system.

AllRadio is the music and news lovers’ best friend with exclusives assets :
* Over 5200 radio stations
* 35 genres
* High-Audio Quality
* No advertising

allRadio is easy to use : click on its icon, click on your favorite stream or browse through our directory and add a new radio as a favorite. Enjoy the smart interface.

Size (RAR): 11 Mb 5% recovery record

Download All-Radio 3.79 Portable

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