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Capsa Enterprise v7.3.1.2436

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Powerful and comfortable program, intended for monitoring of network and analysis of events, what be going on in it. Colasoft Capsa allows to decode transferrable on a network packages and diagnose a network.

Key Features
Extended Security Analysis
Capsa can detect DoS (DDoS) attack, Worm activity, ARP attack, TCP port scanning and suspicious conversation as well as locates the source and target in real-time. You can check all the security-related information in relative Views.
Traffic Statistics & Bandwidth Use
With Capsa's network traffic monitor feature, we can quickly identify network bottleneck and detect network abnormities.
Advanced Protocol Analysis
Being able to support more than 300 protocols in the latest version, Capsa make it easy to analyze protocols in network and understand what is happening.
In-depth Packet Decoding
As a packet sniffer, Capsa is able to capture all network packets transmitted on network and displays detailed packet decoding information in Hex, ASCII and EBCDIC.
Monitor Multiple Network Behaviors
Colasoft Capsa can record global or scope-specific network events, containing four types of log primarily generated by the advanced analyzers: HTTP requests, email messages.
Visualize all Connections in Matrix
"Matrix" is a view that visualizes all network connections and traffic details in one single graph. The nodes around an elongated ellipse display the hosts in your network.

All-in-one and easy-to-use
The advanced network analysis features, built-in free tools and expert diagnosis makes Capsa a all-in-one and easy-to-use network analyzer.
With competitive price
Capsa starts at $ 549 which makes it affordable even to small business.
Muti-adapter data capturing
Capsa supports capturing data through multiple adapter, makes it outstanding other network sniffers.
Simultaneous Analysis Projects
Open multiple analysis projects at the same time, complete different analysis missions efficiently.
Useful and Valuable Built-in Tools
Four Useful Tools are Build in including Packet Builder, Packet Player, Ping Tool and Colasoft Mac Scanner.

Capsa Network Analyzer 7.3.1 is released with many advanced features and enhanced analyzing experience.

New Features & Improvements:
Add Security Analysis Profile to analyze DoS attack, ARP attack and worm activities, etc.
Add tab show/hide management panel for the main view.
Add Data Storage on the Start Page to configure packet and log save settings.
Add Report Logo preview in Report Settings.
Add New Packet Storage and Log File Save icon on the Ribbon.
Renamed Packet Buffer property page in the Analysis Profile Options to Packet Display Buffer, and the Packet Storage was removed from this page.
Redesigned Log Settings property page in the Analysis Profile Options, and add new Export Log Settings to enable/disable log auto saving.

Capsa Enterprise v7.3.1.2436Capsa Enterprise v7.3.1.2436

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Capsa Enterprise v7.3.1.2436

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