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Autor: 123limon
Data: 1 Grudzień 2010
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Universal Share Downloader v.

Universal Share Downloader v1.3.5.6 | 14.9 MB
USDownloader - simple download from various file exchangers. Very handy tool for those who frequently download files from file-sharing services.

Key features cFosSpeed:
"Show traffic.
"Fully compatible with conventional PPPoE drivers.
"Automatically detect the router.
"Highly responsive when used with online games and Peer-to-Peer networks such as eMule, Kazaa, etc.
"Excursions in Istanbul configurable priority.
CFosSpeed prevents one application (eg email) to score all the others, such as telephone calls, chat, etc.
CFosSpeed supports your ping fast, so you can play online games and download files simultaneously.
"All the important data packets are automatically given higher priority over unimportant. With this program, CFosSpeed and its Protocol of priorities you will be able to customize their applications ideal and / or adding new programs.
"Analyzing your data in real time: With the new status window you can easily recognize which data streams you currently pass.
cFosSpeed popular software product for fans of online gaming, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming.
cFosSpeed can itself be calibrated depending on the connection. Usually, the best results can be achieved after several days of using the program, which can load the incoming and outgoing bandwidth at full speed.
Changes / Changelog:
cFosSpeed 6.05 build 1770
Added "calibrated" value to "spd speed" output to show how well calibrated
cFosSpeed already is; a value of 0 means "not at all", 100 means "fully".
We're now trying harder to keep starting TCP streams from congesting the
downstream path.
x Fixed a bug with key registration behind a proxy server.
1 x TTL, broadcast and multicast were erroneously considered Internet traffic.
x Increased values for avg_time to improve accuracy of maximum speed
- Removed TCP pinger.

Released: 2010
OS: Windows
Language: ENG / RUS
Size: 14.97 Mb

Download Universal Share Downloader v. :

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