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IRoNDooM 2.7 (Eng) (2010)

IRoNDooM 2.7 (Eng) (2010) | 17,2 MB

IRoNDooM - a program for maintaining a database of training athletes of various levels of preparedness. The program is extremely easy to use, effective and has many useful features that can satisfy the needs of both professionals and amateurs.

Among a large functional program should note the presence of:
handy calendar of trainings, editing handbooks exercise and food editor of training plans, report wizard, different types of calculators, anatomical atlas, etc.

The program includes the following operating modules:
Advanced navigational training calendar;
Directory of exercises with detailed description of their proper implementation and illustrations;
A full-featured editor training;
Very versatile 'Report Wizard' of current practice and the results achieved;
Easy to use calculator: Max. weight, repetitions, working weight (Brzhyku, Ailey, Lander);
The calculation of muscle thickness of the fat folds depending on the individual constitution;
Anatomical atlas. Shows the anatomy of the strength exercises;
Reference classification standards (Eventing, Bench Press) for women and men;
Handbook of food with their caloric content, the content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements;
Advanced module 'Chart', allowing to build the chart of the results of anthropometric data and weight training.
The presence of a multilingual interface and a large number of various settings allow you to literally one click of the mouse to adjust the program to fit your custom requirements.

The program allows athletes to:
make an individual training plan;
make changes to the existing training system;
calculate the required training load;
determine the necessary steps to strengthen the results;
calculate their ratio calculated from the known patterns of professionals;
import and export their training plans to file from the file;
to create all sorts of reports, for example: training plans, results, and changes in results for the week, month, quarter, etc.;
stores the records in the files of various formats, including: rtf, html, txt, etc;
to build various graphs and charts, save them in the following file formats: tee, png, Jpg, Bmp, pdf, total more than 14 formats;
print, and much more.
Pre-installed database of exercises includes exercises designed to develop all muscle groups of athletes.

Allows athletes to:
make necessary amendments in the existing system of training
determine the necessary steps to strengthen the results to plan and save up to 3 plans to train in the afternoon
import and export training plan in the file and the file
calculate the required training load
expect their ratio calculated from the known patterns of professionals
operate with classification standards
stores the reports in various file formats, etc.
print training tables and graphs of results, etc.
Treatment procedure:
Replacing the file irondoom.exe

System requirements:
Platform: Microsoft Windows / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista;
Intel 486DX with 16 Mb RAM;
10 Mb of free hard disk space
Language: Eng
Crack: Complete, replacement files
Year: 2010


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