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Canopus Edius 5.51 (Eng,Rus) (2010)

Canopus Edius 5.51 (Eng,Rus) | 376 MB

An updated version of the package - EDIUS 5.51. The main difference of which is the ability to work with AVCHD material in real time and in full resolution. The update also includes all the benefits of EDIUS, including the bonus software, effects of GPU, a partial transfer of clips, write to Blu-ray drive and other features. In addition, EDIUS 5.51 is now fully compatible with operating system Windows 7.

EDIUS is unique in that it allows real-time video editor to work with any combination of supported formats in their original quality and resolution. With EDIUS users can mix and match is being performed on the same format, codec, resolution, scale, working with with the native quality of the material in real time. Henceforth, the new version of EDIUS 5.51, this is true for the AVCHD format.
AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a codec for recording and playback high-definition video. This format allows you to record HD video on DVD discs, memory cards, SD / SDHC and hard drives. AVCHD format is also compatible with Blu-ray discs and can be used for authoring and distribution of HD video.
Unlike EDIUS no other product on the market applications for nonlinear video editing can not offer native support for multi-layer editing AVCHD material in real-time and full resolution. With the new engine, AVCHD from Grass Valley EDIUS 5.51 is able to work simultaneously with more than three layers of AVCHD video in real time, full-resolution full frame rate.

1. Installing Edius v5.10 with serial number:

2. Install patch 5.51. Installation does not require a USB-key.

3. Overwrites files pavedius.dll, pavplal.dll in the folder " windows \ system32 \", overwriting the original files.

4. Rusik set optional

(Instructions for installing the Readme.
Update 5.51 does not require a USB-key.
By default, the drug should be installed in the folder:
C: \ Windows \ System32 for x86 systems
C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 for x64. (+ Duplicate these same files in C: \ Windows \ System32))

System requirements:
Platform: Windows all
Processor: 1 Ghz
Language: Eng,Rus
Crack: present
Year: 2010


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