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Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Beta

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Beta | 100.16 MB

Kaspersky Anti Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security provides a qualitatively new level of protection for your PC through the optimal combination of traditional antivirus technology and modern proactive methods. Products easy to install and configure, they provide a greater opportunity to adapt the work under the individual needs of users. Programs differ not only integrate seamlessly with the family of operating systems Microsoft Windows, but compatibility with other software to protect personal computers.
Empowerment rules applications
The product will be requested from the KSN information about the application (including policy HIPS), including WoC (Wisdom of the Crowd)
The product will be reported to the user:
- Path
- General information
- Status protection
- The date you receive this application at the first of the partibumtararants (WoC)
- Number of partibumtararants KSN, who have this application (WoC)
- Distribution of applications by groups of trust among partibumtararants KSN (WoC)
- Geographical distribution of applications by members KSN (WoC)

Intelligent Installer
If the installation process fails, the product:
- Inform the user that may, in the system is active Harmful and offer to download and install AVPTool
If the installation process has encountered a license from druogo product LC home range (KAV KIS found a license, or vice versa):
- The product will offer a pick up this license and a corresponding change in the functional (ie KAV will KISom and vice versa), or specify a different license

Kaspersky Gadget
The product will be displayed in the gadget protection status, active testing, update
Gadget allows you to:
- Run the product, if he is not running
- Get access to the main window
- Run the ODS for the selected object (file, folder, disk), which can drag the gadget
- Read the news News Agent (go to news)
- Get access to Safe Desktop

Parental controls will be similar to RK in Pure

- Control of games (age rating)
- Monitoring the use of p2p
- Checking e-mail correspondence
- Monitoring the use of social networking
- Category Sites credit card payment

New Rescue Disc
- Now it will check the authenticity of the disc
- Product will update the database if they are not relevant
- The product will be able to record RD on CD / DVD
- The product will be able to record RD on a USB-media
- Rescue Disk will treat not only the files on the disk, but all the startup items: Registry, startup folder, ini-files, etc.

Green Zone
- Safe Desktop - an alternative the user experience
Green Zone of Internet
Categories of Internet resources:
- Red - Reputation Service LC resource is known as a dangerous
- Grey - reputation services LC does not have data about the resource, or they are not enough
- Green - secure resource
Geo Security - product may block the circulation to resources in some regions (if the user believes that the visit of resources in this region is not desirable)
SandBox will share the software on browsers and other

Search Harmful
- Idle-scan - test run with certain parameters in the computer is idle. Purpose - start-intensive tasks (updating databases, scan for rootkits, scan the system partition) If not applicable to the user.

System Watcher
- Collects and preserves the event-logs from various sources, provides information on the various subsystems of the product with a view to identifying behaviors characteristic of malware.
- Provides the user the information necessary for decision making when he runs in interactive mode

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Beta:

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