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Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space | 148 MB
Antivirus package Dr. Web Security Space is designed to protect computers against all types of malware, namely: e-mail worms, rootkits, file viruses, Trojans, stealth viruses, polymorphic viruses, bodiless viruses, macro viruses, viruses that infect documents MS Office, script viruses, spyware (spyware), programs, password stealers, keyloggers, paid dialers, adware (adware), riskware, hacker tools, programs, manholes, joke programs, malicious scripts and other harmful objects, and as spam, skaming, pharming, phishing messages and technical spam.

Besides all the features characteristic of this class of anti-virus packages Dr. Web Security Space has the following features
* Can be installed on the infected machine. The installation process is scanning memory and startup files before scanning is updated virus database. In this issue updates the virus database are made at intervals of several hours or less.
* Origins Tracing - Algorithm non-signature detection of malicious objects which supplements traditional signature scan and heuristic analyzer allows you to significantly improve the detection of unknown malicious programs.
* Strong immunity from any attempt to remove malicious programs from Dr. Web down delivers unparalleled in the market for antivirus component of self-defense Dr. Web SelfPROtect.
* Security in real time (file monitor SpIDer Guard ) - constant monitoring of health of your computer - to intercept "on the fly" the files on disk, diskette, CD / DVD / Blu-ray drives, Flash-and smart cards. High resistance to attempts to impair the operation of malicious programs SpIDer Guard or stop his work.
* Anti-rootkit Dr. Web Shield is a shield that protects a system from viruses that use rootkit-technology.
* Support for most existing formats of packed files and archives, including self-extracting archives and multivolume. At the moment there is support around 4000 types of archives and packers.
* A compact virus database updates, and small size. One entry in the virus database can identify dozens, in some cases, thousands of similar viruses.
* Detection and treatment of complex polymorphic, encrypted viruses and rootkits.
* The update process happens automatically and invisibly to the user - every time you connect to the Internet, on demand or on schedule. Downloading is fast (even on slow modem connections). Always available update servers.
* There is a certificate in Russian language.

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