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Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD Deluxe

Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD Deluxe | 820 MB

Comprehensive set of advanced tools for the preparation of colorful slide shows,ready to record material for optical discs and their publication on the Internet.

The German company MAGIX AG, founded in1993, is currently the undisputed leader in affordable multi-mediasoftware, including recording and processing video, audio and photomaterial. MAGIX AG offers a wide range of software products for bothhome and professional use. Comfort, ergonomics, ease of use software,powerful and large libraries of audio and video effects that came withthe program, make the products MAGIX AG is very attractive andaffordable for a wide range of users.About MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD

WithMAGIX PhotoStory application user with a minimum level of technicaltraining will be able to turn scattered pictures from personal photoarchives in an attractive slideshow. The application supports the importof digital images and video from digital cameras, cell phones, memorycards, Web sites and other sources. Easy to use tools allow you tocreate collections of images, add text captions, transition effects andbackground music. Individual fonts, transition effects and backgroundmusic can be stored for later use in other projects.

The packageincludes ready-made design options, or themes. One of the mostinteresting patterns is an animated map on which the user can mark theroute of his journey and to specify the exact time and coordinates thecreation of a snapshot.

The software allows for recordingfinished slideshow to optical media CD, DVD and Blu-ray, which can beplayed not only on the PC, but on the modern DVD-players. At guestsdisposal will be a functional tool for managing the output images toprint. In addition, the results of labor Users are fully prepared forpublication on the web.

MAGIX PhotoStory supports uncompressedimage formats (RAW) for more than 280 models of cameras, allows theauthors provide three-dimensional presentation of titles, use thepicture in picture to create a fun collage, as well as a convenientnavigation menu to be placed on DVD-ROM.

Whats new in MAGIX Photo Manager 1910 Deluxe

Assistant for quickly finding the best shots

Withthe help of the new assistant for finding and compiling the best shots,you will quickly find the photos to show others in MAGIX Photo Manager1910 Deluxe. The assistant will analyze all images on your computer andlist the images that fit your selection criteria. This function can beaccessed via the Selection under the Select best shots option.

Crisp presentations

Wouldyou like to show your photos in perfect focus Even slightly unfocusedphotos will become a pleasure to look at with the Sharpen presentationfucntion. Two settings are availabel for improvement in MAGIX PhotoManager 1910 Deluxe - thsi way, your images will always be optimallypresented. Nothing will change in the original image file; this effectwill be applied only during viewing in MAGIX Photo Manager 1910 Deluxe.You can find the sharpen function in image preview in the tool bar.

Upload to Facebook

FacebookTMis one of the most popular Internet communities. This is partially dueto the fact that it offers users an easy way of sharing news, links orphotos and videos. Thanks to the useful upload function of MAGIX PhotoManager 1910 Deluxe, you can select the photos to be uploaded to yourFacebook profile and then transfer them using the Online -> Uploadedmedia to other web services -> Upload media to Facebook .

Improved travel route animation

Now,you can even animate travel routes in MAGIX Photo Manager 1910 Deluxe.Go to travel route animation via Edit> Create map. After entering atravel route, click on the Animation button and select a mode oftrabsportation from the appearing drop-down menu. At the end, you canexport the route as a video clip, which you can embed into a slideshow,for example.

MAGIX Rescue Your Notebook Data

As a bonus,MAGIX Photo Manager 1910 Deluxe contains the MAGIX Rescue Your NotebookData program. This program allows you to quickly and easily makebackups of all data on your computer or a certain folder (eg allphotos). You can read about how the program works in the program help ofMAGIX Rescue Your Notebook Data.

Other Enhancements

ImprovedPanorama image montage for even better panoramas, especially with complex motifs.
Improved presentation mode with automatic pans and zooms, music and laser pointer.
Now with the image editing program MAGIX Photo Designer, which lets you quickly optimize photos.
New order assistant for ordering photo prints, books, calendars and photo gifts.
Improved camera import, especially for videos and audio files.

Title: Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD
Version: Deluxe
Language: English
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Seven


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