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LIVECD -ViAvRe Virtual Antivirus Rechecked Bootable USB Flash/Image with Antivirus (06.2011)

LIVECD -ViAvRe Virtual Antivirus Rechecked Bootable USB Flash/Image with Antivirus (06.2011) | 4,01 Gb

Updated release Live distro ViAvRe (Virtual Antivirus Rechecker) by Renats.
Booting from CD / Dvd / UsbFlash / Virtual Image / Xen disk (requires no installation necessary) and check and cure your computer from viruses by 7 antivirus: AVG, Avast, BitDefender, Doctor Web (CureIt), Avast, and Fprot, Clamav .

ISO - DVD / CD image - Bootable CD or DVD (Full - DVD, Lite-CD)
Oem - way to write to the flash drive (full - 4 GB, lite - 3 GB) (after recording the contents of the flash drive is removed)
VMware / Virtual Box image vdi - hard drive image for testing in virtual machines VirtualBox / VmWare
The distribution includes:
chntpw - password reset utility + documentation pdf
registry editor
Kernel 2.6.34 (LXDE
KDE 4.4.4
Firefox with flash plugin
rdesktop (control terminal session windows)
vncview (computer management windows / linux)
wine (emulator to run other windows applications)
samba client
Gparted - for editing and changing disk partitions
ntfs-ads - Instructions on the desktop to remove the alternate data streams in ntfs (often viruses hidden in file stream))

Utility to create a bootable Flash Disk and Instruction
The ability to install the system on your hard drive.
Ext. Information: You can install the drive as a second system, and update through the site
Planned upgrades - a monthly basis.

Version History
~ Additional Information
7 May 2011 from the distribution of virtual machines are removed VDI images. You can make them yourself from the image of USB Flash. VirtualBox for example command for converting the image stick 2 GB file 2.vdi: VBoxManage convertfromraw - format VDI 2gb_Virtual_Antivirus_Recheck_0511.i686-0.0.2.raw 2gb.vdi
April 21, 2011 based on the version of LXDE prepared for 2Gb flash image (the image was 2.3 GB before). Removed the Clam Antivirus and DrWeb (CureIt)
April 19, 2011. OpenSuse 11.4 LXDE. Known Bugs (glitches): A password is required when mounting the root partition. It is not possible to restart after the scan is complete: you need to select Logout, and then to (at the login screen) Shutdown or Restart.
April 15, 2011. OpenSuse 11.4 KDE 4.6.0. Version LXDE under OpenSuse 11.4 is not yet available (not buildable).
March 4, 2011. TeamViewer added to the KDE version. Now, if you configure online, please download from the disc, you will advise / camping with other users via TeamViewer.
February 19, 2011 LXDE version can be correctly shutdown and reboot. Utility for formatting USB flash - to make it active (labeled boot). After this, as it is usually necessary to fill the image.
February 2, 2011 ntfs-ads + instruction on the desktop (Removes ntfs streams on the hard drive). Reduce the size of the image LXDE version (reserve for future expansion of anti-virus))
January 5, 2010 Clamav KDE and LXDE, ie 7 antivirus software in KDE (DVD ROM) Nod32, Doctor Web Cureit, Avg, Avast, BitDefender, Fprot, Clamav and 5 antivirus software in LXDE (CD ROM): BitDefender, Cureit, Fprot, Clamav, Avast. Fix gparted in LXDE. Removed in LXDE: x11vnc, recordmydesktop, downgrade wine (otherwise not fit on the CD image). Assembling LXDE with great difficulty could fit in one laser CD drive 8 )))
December 13 LXDE version adds anti-virus f-prot.
Now Nod32 (Eset) can be installed with a shortcut on the desktop (as opposed to the console from a root)
Added new utility RegRipper, Registry View (2 species) - for importing and analyzing the registry files.
November 10 FTP server. Upload files to ftp, and file viavre folder / home / viavre / viavre-check in this folder will report on the work of antivirus avast, avg, bitdefender, f-prot. Before first use you should read the license agreements antivirus.
October 18 (KDE) and 28 October (LXDE) 2010
KDE version of Nod32 Eset Antivirus
Added utility Autoruns.exe
Image for the virtual machines OVF
Revision 0910 - September. LXDE is now also under OpenSuse 11.3!
Revision 0810 - August, KDE 4.4.4 OpenSuse 11.3, chntpw, the Registry Editor.
In the lite version is not Firefox, VirtualBox, McAfee, Avg. Ie it three antivirus: DrWeb, BitDefender, Avast
New in 10.09f
Added Xen Image, Source - the source code to build KiWi
Lite image with 3 antiviruses that retracts into the CD drive
Gparted - for editing disk partitions
Updated wine and virtual box in full Full version.
New in version 2010 (0110)
The new console antivirus Fprot
viavre-update-backup - update all antivirus programs first commando, with preservation of the downloaded data in the home directory, for the record, such as a flash, with further manual update
Version 9.10 (0.0.3)
automatically mount file systems partition hard drive, usb and cdrom
New Antivirus Avast (console and Gtk)
One team to update all databases antvirusov viavre-update
Version for USB Flash, and Virutal Box / VMware image
Ext. Information: You can install the drive as a second system, and update through the site
Planned upgrades - a monthly basis.

System requirements : Pentium
384 MB RAM or higher (LXDE),
512 MB RAM or more (KDE)
CD R (RW) - for LXDE, (DVD R (RW) - for KDE) to write iso
or Usb Flash Disk (3 or 4 GB)

Year of manufacture : 2011
Version: 0611 June 1, 2011 LXDE 2011, June 2, 2011 KDE
Nod32 in KDE version - a real-time check for viruses.
Developer : Renat
Compatibility with Vista : Unknown
Language : English & Russian


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