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Computer Aided Manufacturing - CAMWorks 2011 SP0.2 2011 (x86/x64)

Computer Aided Manufacturing - CAMWorks 2011 SP0.2 2011 (x86/x64) | 849 Gb

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Works - a module for creating control programs for CNC machine tools. Programming milling, turning, turning, milling and wire erosion processing module means CAMWorks.

- Module CAMWorks allows you to create programs for milling, turning, turning, milling and process of wire erosion. The following types of machines: milling with simultaneous control of bothy five axles;
- Single-piston calipers and CNC duplex, single or double, with software-controlled servo-mechanism (spikes, sunglasses, bags ...); details
- Turning / Milling-piston calipers and single double, single or double, with the software servo control mechanism, with simultaneous control of bothy five axles;
- Erosion of the two-and chetyrehosevye.

The treatment is performed directly in SolidWorks, and directly on the SolidWorks model. Program results are stored in the same model of a SolidWorks part or assembly. This provides full associativity of the trajectory model and a tool that leads to the automatic renewal of all trajectories of the tool when editing the model. If one adds to the SolidWorks model of all data processing, such as signs of roughness, basic tolerances of form and position of surfaces, tolerances on dimensions, engineer-programmer always has immediate access to them, which facilitates the selection scheme based on mechanical parts and the necessary choices to ensure the quality of specified parts of the tool and cutting conditions. Detail can easily be adapted for processing, for example, to eliminate redundant in terms of processing elements of the geometry or by applying the model dimensions of leadership in the middle of the tolerance. While working with the SolidWorks assembly may perform a joint processing of multiple parts, the treatment program of a series of rooms, or just completely simulate all the real situation on the machine table - all of snap- in the preparation of any complexity and so on - the most complete account of the reality of treatment in the early stages a new program

System requirements:
SolidWorks Version 2010-2011 Win32 & Win64, MS Access 2003-2010 32bit only!
Operating System MS Windows Xp/Vista/Win7, Server 2003 - 32 & 64bit
Graphics 1024 x 768 resolution with minimum 32768 colours
Disk Space 10GB free
Memory 1GB + RAM (2GB recommended)


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