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MAGIX Music Studio 2005 Deluxe

MAGIX Music Studio 2005 Deluxe | 679 Mb

MAGIX music studio 2005 is a powerful yet easy to use application that allows you to record and arrange audio and MIDI music in a professional way. This incredible program is the ideal tool to record and compose music, utilize and control MIDI equipment, mix optimal sounds and burn it all onto CD. It includes an extensive library of sounds and loops to create songs and the virtual instruments actually sound real. Experienced musicians will appreciate the flexibility of unlimited MIDI tracks, the ability to record 12 instrumental tracks, the new polyphonic 16-voice FM synthesizer, 14 virtual instruments and 2 additional drum kits. Moreover, the program features a very simple and intuitive user interface which provides automatic features such as pitch recognition and correction algorithms for monophonic audio material.This version includes automated pitch-shifting and pitch correction, automatic creation of drum grooves and complete drum tracks, native support of the high-resolution 24-bit sample format throughout, unique automatic volume limiting algorithm, among many other new useful features and effects. A great tool is the built-in MAGIX Remix Agent which is the perfect tool for creating DJ and live performance mixes since it automatically detects the beat in your MP3s or Audio CD tracks and segments them into bar-accurate loops. All in all, if you are looking for the perfect PC recording studio, MAGIX Music Studio 2005 is perfect for you. Please note that this version is no longer available for download, but here you can get the latest one which includes improved features.

Truly the greatest recording software I've ever used. I have included daemon tools lite for those who don't have it and want it. Thats the iso/setup.exe file.

Install Instructions:

Mount ISO using daemon tools lite.

If running windows XP install normally

If running windows Vista or Windows 7 mount the ISO and explore the disc. Right click and run the setup in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service pack 3 (thats what I use)

You will get a compatibility error either aroun 88% to 98% of installation completion. Just ignore it, close it whatever and let it finish installing.

After everything is done installing for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users, Do NOT run the program yet, or you'll have to do it over again. Browse the mounted ISO file and go to the ..... folder. Replace the audstu.exe with the one in your installed directory of you compuer C:/Magix/ms2005 it differs with each operating system.

After that right click the replaced audstu.exe and creat a file to shortcut to desktop.

Windows XP Useres youre done ejoy! Windows Vista and 7 users keep reading...

Go to your desktop and right click the shortcut. Run it in compatibility for Windows XP again. Run the shortcut off the desktop. Sometimes on Vista it glitches and doesnt open. Try running it off the start menu instead of the desktop. That usually makes it work 90% of the time. Sometimes you just gotta be patient.


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