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QuarkXPress 4.11, 5.01, 6.5, 7.31, 8.5, 9.0 Passport Portable Pack for Win +

QuarkXPress 4.11, 5.01, 6.5, 7.31, 8.5, 9.0 Passport Portable Pack for Win (books on program incl.)
2011 | 133,83 ĚB

QuarkXPress (sometimes Quark) - Professional Computer Publishing.Allows you to create, edit, and complex layout in the mode of WYSIWYG. Since its first release in 1987 and currently owns the rights to QuarkXPress Quark Inc. The first version was running on Mac OS, the latest releases (QuarkXPress 8) supports Mac OS X to version 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard) and Windows to version 7. Multilingual version (QuarkXPress Passport) supports 36 languages, including Russian (since version 7.02 - automatic hyphenation and spell-checking, with version 7.3 - Language).

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The first version of QuarkXPress was released in 1987 and worked on computers Macintosh; first version for Windows came in 1992. Version 3.3 for Mac, released in 1996, was regarded as stable and works with the Adobe Postscript fonts as easy as with the fonts Apple TrueType.

Since the first version was included in the QuarkXPress application programming interface ŤXTensionť, which allows third-party developers to create their own additional extensions to the application. Introduced in 1989, XTension, along with Apple Computer HyperCard, Quark has made one of the first program, working with extensions created by third-party developers.

In 1990 QuarkXPress has gained wide popularity in the professional layout and print design due to the ease of use, simplicity of system requirements, support vector fonts, and other widely popular in the industry opportunities.

At the time of appearance of its main competitor - Adobe InDesign in 1999, QuarkXPress, despite the constant criticism over the high cost of license and a fairly long period of innovation, is the de facto industry standard, covering about 90% of the market.

Release of the fifth version in 2002 led to conflict with the company Apple, since the release still does not support Mac OS X, while Adobe InDesign, released the same week, maintained. Simultaneously, the president of Quark Inc. Fred Ebrahimi (born Fred Ebrahimi) harshly criticized the Macintosh platform, and noted that those who are not satisfied with Quark on a platform Mac, it is worth trying something else.

Due to competition from InDesign Quark began to take its position and was forced to take several steps in order to stay on the market. Version for Mac OS X was released in 2003. In 2004, Quark began to reduce the cost of the license, and in 2006 he began to distribute outdated by the time version 5 for free (as a supplement to the British magazine ŤComputer Shopperť), assuming such a way to attract consumers to the subsequent purchase of an updated version. Despite earlier controversy, in August 2006 Quark has released a new version with support for Mac Intel, ahead of InDesign for about 10 months.

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