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Adobe Acrobat X Pro Portable (11.04.11)

Adobe Acrobat X Pro Portable (11.04.11)

Adobe Acrobat X Professional - the establishment of professional work and exchange of virtually any user regardless of location. Combining a wide range of content including documents, spreadsheets, email, images, video, 3D-graphics and maps in one concise and structured portfolio PDF. Joint work in reviewing the documents to which granted total access. Creating interactive forms and rapid collection of data. Protection and control of valuable information. Advanced features Acrobat software for users of Adobe Reader.

Evaluate the effectiveness of technology Adobe Acrobat Dynamic PDF for creating and sharing PDF files, a new generation. Collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners through the use of sessions reviewing electronic documents, fillable PDF forms and services Combine multiple file types into one polished, organized PDF Portfolio of professional quality. Install passwords and permissions to protect documents. Increases the attractiveness of documents using a multifunctional content.

* Convert and Scan to PDF
No matter what type of content is converted into a format or scanned PDF - paper" documents, emails, photos, spreadsheets, web sites, videos, compatible with Adobe Flash Player, or other types of content - all the work is easily performed using the software software Adobe Acrobat X. Create and provide shared access to files, PDF, which can be viewed on mobile devices and smartphones.
* Export and edit PDF files
Easily edit PDF documents and export them to Word and Excel. You no longer need to enter each time data from the keyboard, you can reuse the prepared content. Use Acrobat X to reduce errors, improve productivity and reduce project development time.
* Combine files from multiple applications
You no longer need to send a large number of letters with numerous attachments. Create professional files of PDF, which is easy to send, open and view.
* Improved efficiency and consistency of the
Use innovative features to improve productivity to simplify complex processes, training and demonstration of high-quality content and achieve good results.
* Optimized review documents online
Effectively collect feedback from colleagues and customers and reduces the time required for approval of projects. Use media sharing online reviewing and commenting on PDF documents for easy collaboration on the project.
* Collect data using fillable PDF forms
Easily create, distribute and track interactive forms convenient PDF, similar to a "paper" - you do not need the assistance of the IT department.
* Protect PDF files and documents
Easy to use security features allow you to protect confidential information. Passwords, digital signatures, and corrections functions allow you to implement secure electronic processes.
* Standards and PDF support for accessibility features
Ensure compliance with corporate, regional and state standards, and add accessibility features for persons with disabilities.
* Read file PDF, search for them and file sharing
With the free software Adobe Reader provides all users the ability to view and print files to PDF, as well as perform on search him. Work on PDF files with colleagues and customers - even if you use different file formats, platforms, browsers and devices.

* Numerous vulnerability fixes and security enhancements have gone into this release.
* Protected Mode enhancements (Reader on Windows with Protected Mode enabled):
* Reader is now compatible with McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7.0i.
* Copying to the clipboard now works.
* Entrust security software can be installed.
* PDF files in a shared location can be opened in a distributed file system.
* Support has been added for previewing Office 2007 Microsoft Excel content in a portfolio.
* See also QTP Integration.
SCCM Deployment Support
* This release delivers the first set of SCUP catalogs in support of SCCM deployments. Download the needed files
* This release installs an updated Flash Player.
QTP Integration
* QTP performance is enhanced for certain forms.
* Reader with Protected Mode on supports recording an attempt to enter data into a non-existing form field.
* Reader with Protected Mode on supports recording data entry operations (via keyboard) in a field when the focus from the field is changed directly to another field inside the PDF.
Digital Signatures
* Acrobat stability is improved when opening a signed PDF file.
* Saving a signed file is now possible in Safari

Adobe Acrobat X Pro Portable (11.04.11)

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Adobe Acrobat X Pro Portable (11.04.11)

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