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Rhinoceros 4 SR8 & Plu-gins (2011)

Rhinoceros 4 SR8 & Plu-gins (2011) | 1,15 Gb

Rhinoceros - a commercial software for three-dimensional NURBS modeling and production of Robert McNeel and Associates. Rhinoceros can create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS-curves, surfaces, bodies in Windows, giving you unprecedented freedom, flexibility, ease of modeling, even very sophisticated jewelry. The required accuracy for the design, prototyping, engineering design, analysis and production of various products - from aviation to the jewelry industry. Compatible with all your other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analytical, visualization, animation and illustration software. This software is so easy to learn and use, that you can focus on design and visualization without worrying about the features of the program.

System requirements:
* Operating system Microsoft 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Home, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
* CPU Pentium, Celeron, or higher.
* Minimum 200 MB of free hard disk space.
* 512 MB RAM, 1GB recommended
* Graphics Card OpenGL.
* Three-button mouse driver installed.
* Optional 3-D digitizer.
* Optional 3-D printer.

Installation and activation:
1. Mount image and install the application to initialize the version of "SR2"
2. When prompted, enter the serial number "RH40-QKTG-T8AX-3F9E-0FB8-8MA5", or generate a serial number key generator, located in the folder "License\Rhino4SR2 \"
3. Update the application by selecting one of the following options:
* To upgrade to version SR6: install the update from the folder "RMP_Rhino4SR6Update_x32", to install or copy with replacement "Rhino4.exe" from the folder "\License\Rhino4SR6\" folder\Rhinoceros 4.0\System \, or run the patch from folder "\License\Rhino4SR6\", press "Patch" and specify the location of the file "Rhino4.exe", complete the procedure.
* To upgrade to version SR7: install the update from the folder "RMP_Rhino4SR7Update_x32", by installation, run the patch from the folder "\License\Rhino4SR7\", press "Patch" and pointing to a file location "Rhino4.exe", complete the procedure.
* To upgrade to version SR8: install the update from the folder "RMP_Rhino4SR8Update_x32",to install or copy with replacement "Rhino4.exe" from the folder "\License\Rhino4SR8\" folder \Rhinoceros 4.0 \ System \, or run the patch from folder "\License\Rhino4SR8 \", press "Patch" (first button on the left) and specifying a file location "Rhino4.exe", complete the procedure.

RhinoGold 3.0 News:
There are a lot of news and improves tools. In this section we will comment most of them.
Smart Curve - New tool for creating curves which will change your way of modeling. More effective control!
Gem Info - All of the information on our gems presented visually and with just one click. Shows dimensions and weight.
Text on Curve - Creation of unlimited texts. Lets you create text on a 2D or 3D curve in curve mode or on solids!
Gems by two curves - Automatically creates gems from two flat curves or 3D, adapting the sizes and distances between them for optimum fit.
Smart Grid - New function which automatically controls the density of the grid.
Head Studio - New, improved functions for controlling all parameters. Also geometric improvements for export to 3D printers.
Dynamic Prongs - New tool for dynamic positioning of prongs or decorative elements. Ideal for the most demanding user.
Gumball - More options: Setting of the base point and numeric definition of form values.
Automatic Pave - Improved algorithm; better results obtained more easily.
Multiple Pipe - Lets you create multiple pipes with various curves; possibility of defining initial, middle and final diameter.
Dynamic Pave - New functions for the most demanding users. Allows vertical and horizontal symmetry, and also limit circle marking the separation between stones.
Move Normal to Surface - Move normal objects in seconds to a surface. Ideal for adjusting gems, as well as many other things.
Move Commands - Soft move, Soft Curve Editing, Soft Surface Editing, Move Subcurves, etc. Now completely integrated into the RhinoGold interface.
Animation Studio - Completely integrated into RenderStudio. With a new method of automatically creating camera trajectories.
Dynamic Array - More dynamic than ever! Now with the possibility of moving objects vertically or normal to surface.
Path from Camera - Maximum ease and control when creating curves for professional animation.
Offset In/Out - New options in this versatile tool for multiple offset: no corner, sharp, round, smooth and bevel.
Render Studio - Complete integration into RhinoGold Render Studio 2.0 from the Render tab.
Ring Size Creator - Now with Fleximetric technology! Totally editable and configurable. Compatibility with history.
Average Curves on Surface - New tool for creating average curves on a surface.
Dynamic Thickness - Analysing the thickness of models is as simple as placing the cursor over the part to be analysed. If you also click on it, it will show the elevation.
Shake Objects - Ideal complement for Boolean tools.
Textures 3D - More than 20 new textures available in this new version - from the classic to the spectacular.
T-Spline Integration - Completely integrated into TSplines 2.3. Limitless organic modeling in RhinoGold!
Extrude Surface - The most advanced surface extrusion tools now completely integrated into the RhinoGold interface.
Grasshopper - Completely integrated into Grasshopper. Explore new forms in RhinoGold. For the most discerning minds!
Service Release 8 - This new version includes the update and compatibility certificate for Rhinoceros 4.0 Service Release 8.
Zebra 3D - Completely integrated into Zebra 3D, CAM for Rhinoceros and RhinoGold. Manufacture of wax prototypes with CNC from RhinoGold.


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