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OnOne Perfect Resize v7.0.1 Professional Edition For Windows/MacOSX

OnOne Perfect Resize v7.0.1 Professional Edition Window/MacOSX
2011 | ENG | 111 MB

Perfect Resize - one of the best plug-in Adobe Photoshop for image resizing. With the help of fractal technology, according to developers from OnOne Software, Perfect Resize allows you to zoom in up to 1000% without the visible artifacts. This is one of today's most common packages for larger image, is used as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop.

Perfect Resize - one of today's most common packages for larger images, introduced in Photoshop. The program works with the fantasy: clever algorithms for stretch every part of the picture with regard to its local geometrical characteristics. This avoids the usual interpolation artifacts: horizontal and vertical lines between the contrasting areas are not washed away, along the oblique teeth are not formed, and around sharp corners - halos, contrasting textures do not lose their sharpness, but do not turn into a lattice of enlarged pixels. Pro features are legendary - and most of them far from the truth.

Programs such as Perfect Resize, requires all those who have to deal with low-resolution images. This and photos of amateur and professional digital cameras and images from the Internet.

Fractal technology requires a separate discussion, but in general the feelings of the processed images can be said that such a method of increasing - the most intelligent and effective. Interpolation algorithms implemented in the Perfect Resize, are really based on image encoding method of IFS (Iterated Functions System), in which every image is considered as a fractal (infinitely scalable) set.

The program is framed as a loadable module for Adobe Photoshop, which complements the list of formats available for reading and writing, two more points - *. STN and *. FIF. These images are dimensionless: Every time I open them, the user can specify the desired him permission. An additional advantage of the format FIF (Fractal Image Format) is compatible with some programs for viewing images.

"Resize images up to 1000%
"Supporters of handling sharp corners and small details
"Control of texture in order to achieve maximum results on different types of images
"Application of filter-definition only on sunny sites
"Simulating the effect of film grain (Film Grain) to sharpen
"Includes presets size documents known types of papers and photo formats
"You can crop and resize in one step
"Support for color. models RGB, black and white, CMYK, LAB
"Support for image files with layers (PSD, TIFF, etc.)
"Adding additional fields to print on canvas
"Batch processing of multiple files
"Integration with Adobe Lightroom

Release Info:
DATE......: 03/23/2011
TYPE......: Keygen

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