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Wilcom DecoStudio e1

Wilcom DecoStudio e1 | 627.75 MB

Acclaimed as the professional embroiderers’ choice, this new generation of EmbroideryStudio (ES) not only brings renowned stitch quality and innovative design tools but also the combination of CorelDRAWŽ Graphics Suite X4, providing digitizers with a dynamic and fluid way of creating, visualizing and producing multi-decoration designs.

EmbroideryStudioŠ e1.5 is built for demanding production and provides flexible and intelligent workflows to streamline your repetitive tasks and build robust design files that stitch flawlessly. EmbroideryStudioŠ e1.5 also integrates with existing printing processes, enabling swift inter-conversion of print and embroidery designs, as well as endless possibilities for multi-decoration design

DecoStudio - Features
Includes the complete CorelDRAWŽ Graphics Suite X4

CorelDRAWŽ X4, the complete graphic suite offering powerful graphic illustration, is a fully integrated part of DecoStudio e1.5. It features best-in-class bitmap to vector tracing, enhanced illustration capabilties, photo-editing and professional clipart images.
Superior Wilcom stitch qualitySuperior Wilcom stitch quality

Wilcom’s unrivalled stitch processing technology ensures you get the best quality embroidery results and efficient sewing time, every time. Plus, now with over 140 professional embroidery fonts, you have the advantage of premium quality Wilcom lettering.
Automated monogram and applique toolsAutomated monogram and applique tools

DecoStudio’s Monogram Wizard allows you to quickly and easily combine type styles, decorative motifs and borders to create personalized monograms for your customers. Create striking appliques with the Wilcom’s applique tool which automatically builds all the tack-down, base and finishing stitches your machine requires.
You don’t have to be an expertYou don't have to be an expert

DecoStudio e1.5 does the hard work for you. You choose the fabric and garment type and it will determine the best stitch settings for a quality result. It also speeds up the design creation process with automatic conversion from vector art to stitch, eliminating the need to digitize.
Flexibility and controlFlexibility and control

Having control over your design is important, so DecoStudioŠ provides you with true object-based editing to refine converted embroidery files as you need. You can even do your own simple embroidery digitizing where required.
Easy multi-decoration designEasy multi-decoration design

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