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Reason Refill Sonic Reality vol 1-20

Reason Refill Sonic Reality vol 1-20 | 3,41 Gb

Propellerhead's Reason has quickly become one of the most widely used pieces of music software on the planet. Sonic Reality has helped to take Reason to a whole new level with the release of the Sonic Refills series of sound libraries. Each of the highly affordable volumes in this over 20-volume collection offers amazing playable instruments, meticulously recorded and expertly programmed for each of the most popular modules in Reason inlcuding the Combinator, NNXT Sampler, Malstrom, Subtractor, ReDrum and others.

Sonic Refills Volume 1: Synths 1 includes a massive collection of synth sounds focused on Leads, Basses and Misc.
Sonic Refills Volume 2: Synths 2 delivers even more great synth sounds focusing on pads, FX and misc. vintage and modern synth samples and patches.
Sonic Refills Volume 3: Rhythm Section delivers instantly playable guitar, bass and drum multi-samples.
Sonic Refills Volume 4: Pianos and Organs offers a variety of authentic piano, chromatic and organ sounds featuring classic Rhodes? Wurlies? and FM electric pianos.
Sonic Refills Volume 5: Symphonic offers expressive strings, brass and wind sounds featuring highly playable multi-samples and patches for a variety of solo and ensemble strings, classical and pop brass, sax, woodwinds and more.
Sonic Refills Volume 6: OmniSoundz lets you supercharge your Combinator and NN-XT modules with 128 professional-quality General MIDI (GM) instruments.
Sonic Refills Volume 7: Reality Drums includes a massive collection of high-quality acoustic studio drum kits.
Sonic Refills Volume 8: Monster Drums includes a diverse collection of powerful drums and beats in a variety of flavors from Pop to Hip-Hop to RandB, Rock and beyond.
Sonic Refills Volume 9: Vintage Drums includes acoustic and electronic drum sounds featuring classic drum kits from Ludwig? and Gretch? from the 60?s as well as a great selection of vintage analog beatboxes.
Sonic Refills Volume 10: Instruments of the 60?s and 70?s features vintage guitars, basses, synths and keyboards from classic Rhodes?, Wurlies? and B3? organs to vintage Strats?, Beatle Basses, Rickys, Moogs?, Arps? and more.
Sonic Refills Volume 11: Retro Keys offers a vast array of keyboard sounds ranging from organs to pads to electric pianos, leads, basses, analog synths, digital synths and the most sought-after vintage keyboards.
Sonic Refills Volume 12: Acoustic Folk includes a fantastic collection of acoustic instruments focusing on acoustic guitars and basses, pedal steels, banjo, dobro, fiddle and more.
Sonic Refills Volume 13: World Percussion delivers a powerful collection of ethnic percussion sounds including hits and authentic Latin and African rhythms, deep djembes, congas, shakers, dumbeks, bongos, udu pots, timbales and more!
Sonic Refills Volume 14: Ethnic Instruments offers rare and esoteric playable wind and string instruments including dulcimers, zithers and other plucked, hammered and bowed string instruments as well as exotic wind instruments.
Sonic Refills Volume 15: Film Orchestra includes Dramatic orchestra samples with strings, brass, winds and percussion for film composition with rich orchestral soundscapes, pads, combinations, solo instruments, ensembles and a variety of expressive articulations.
Sonic Refills Vol 16: Triple Bass offers acoustic upright and electric bass guitar for Reason?s Combinator and NN-XT modules as well as hundreds of synth bass patches for the Combinator, Subtractor and Mand#228;lstrom modules.
Sonic Refills Volume 17: Triple Guitar offers electric, acoustic steel and nylon guitars for Reason?s Combinator and NN-XT modules as well as hundreds of guitar synth lead patches for the Combinator, Subtractor and Malstrand#246;m modules.
Sonic Refills Volume 18: Synths 3 delivers the phattest evolving pads and moody atmospheric textures for Reason?s Combinator, NN-XT, Subtractor and Mand#228;lstrom modules.
Sonic Refills Volume 19: Vocal Textures features an excellent selection of unique vocal sounds and phrases.
Sonic Refills Volume 20: Mello-T features picture-perfect sampling of the vintage Mellotron? and Chamberlin? tape-based keyboards delivering must-have sounds from the classic ?Strawberry Field Flutes? to the ominous ?Tron Choirs? to the moody blue sound of violins and strings.

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