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Digital Tutors – Creating a Handgun in ZBrush 4 .flv project files (2011/ENG)

Digital Tutors – Creating a Handgun in ZBrush 4 .flv project files (2011/ENG) | 1.27 GB

ZBrush 4 has a number of tools that make building hard surface models incredibly easy. In this series of lessons we will use those hard surface tools to sculpt a realistic handgun. We will start by using Shadowbox to block out a base for the gun. We will use the powerful clipping brushes to shape the model before creating our own new topology for the mesh, complete with subdivision levels and projected detail. We will use the polish brushes to add bevels and create smooth transitions with hard edges to refine the mesh. We will look at several ways of building accessories, including mesh extraction for the back strap, the topology tools for the grips, and Shadowbox for many of the smaller but complex pieces. We will finish up our project by adding materials to the different pieces and use Spotlight to paint a texture for the grips. In the end, you will not only have created a realistic handgun from scratch using only ZBrush, but you will then have the knowledge you need to create your own guns and weapons in ZBrush.

Download Digital Tutors – Creating a Handgun in ZBrush 4 .flv project files (2011/ENG):

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