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Pinnacle Studio 9.3 Portable

Pinnacle Studio 9.3 Portable
2011 | MULTI | 2.47 GB

Previous distribution Pinnacle Studio 9 Portable (Optimized-RePack-2010) was approved and downloaded by many colleagues. I updated to version 9.3 distribution for the simple reason that it has been two lanes, as in later versions. Established more than 3000 effects, plus a 2300 gradient transitions. Now this is a powerful video editor, but still, undemanding to system resources.

Assembly is represented as a disk image to protect, first of all, folder, Pinnacle, which are all updated and transitions on changes that might disrupt the composition and the version of the program.

Additional Information:

Download the disk image by using, for example, UltraISO into a virtual drive.
Copy the folder "Pinnacle Studio 9 Port" from the disk image that is convenient for you place on your hard drive.
Run the file Studio Version 9.exe.
The program installed and running.

You can install additional effects (if any yet, so I put in my opinion, are all available today.
Setting effects on the portable version of Pinnacle Studio 9.3
Run Studio Version 9.exe
Enter the menu - File-Open Project. Set the type of files - All files.
Through this same window to find a new folder HollywoodFX. cursor to the file Hollywood FX clear.exe and press the right mouse button. Select the menu - run on behalf of and in the resulting sub-menu by unchecking "protect your computer from nesaktsionirovannyh ..." and OK.
Continue to work with the installation, as in the stationary program. If the new effects would be blocked, then I put in a folder HFXTool utility to unlock new effects.

In the case of failed installations or disruption to the studio, Pinnacle replace the folder in the working directory to the original program from the disk image.
Also, check the Thinstall folder in the folder C: / Documents and Settings / your working folder / Application Data. If there appeared folder Pinnacle - delete it.
After that, your program would come back to working condition.

You can run, and simply delete the folder Pinnacle in the working directory of the program, but at the same time, you get a clean studio version 9.0 and only 400 effects. The effects of new mining can be, as above, but the version upgrade will be very difficult. Experiment is possible, but when bored, copy the folder Pinnacle from the disk image and you will be happy.

System requirements:
- Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 1.6 GHz or higher.
- 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended).
- USB 2.0 port
- Windows XP, (SP1-SP3) on windows 7 might be a problem (and perhaps lucky).
- DirectX 9 or higher
- Compatible graphics card (ATI Radeon ™ or NVIDIA Ž GeForce ™ 2 or higher).
- DirectX 9 compatible sound card.
- 3 GB of free disk space for software installation.

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