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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 23 Luty 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY

InstallAware Studio Admin v9.0 R2 sp3

InstallAware Studio Admin v9.0 R2 sp3
2010 | ISO | 1.5 GB

InstallAware is the emerging standard for creating installations for windows Installer-based software, and is being adapted by a growing number of software development companies, including Borland.

InstallAware offers unique advantages compared InstallShield authoring tools and other windows Installer. One is the compression, with packages created with InstallAware occupy the other half (or less). For example, the recently released Microsoft SQL Express 2005 installer, compressed with InstallAware, took exactly half that with the regular installer. An installation of Microsoft. NET Framework 1.1 with Service Pack 1 is a third the size of the normal installation. "Since our main business is making installers, we are better prepared to sustain progress in this field, such as compression," says Agustin Berge, Director of Development InstallAware software Corporation.

Another unique feature of InstallAware's partial web deployment. Configuration features such as application files or rarely used features can be stored separate web block, while the main setup itself remains contained and works without sending anything to the Internet connection. This new web deployment technology is available exclusively with InstallAware, and works with any web server that supports HTTP or FTP connections (there are no other requirements.)

Increases developer productivity

* The visually automatically generates installation scripts
* The code view gives you full access to the heart of the system
* Automatically creates a MSI database from the installation script

Enjoy maximum flexibility
* Write your own scripts instead of populating MSI tables
* Easily deploy parts of other online and offline setup.
* Choose from a wide variety of partiCENZURAnts, projects, tools, and templates

Cree impressive Setups
* Dialogue with interactive progress hurdles flash / HTML
* You can choose 10 templates setup to get amazing user interfaces.
* Editor sophisticated dialogue with a wide range of controls
* Superior compression optimized for binary code

Design features

* IDE itself
* Visual Assistants
* Capture Setup
* Automatic Compliance Logo
* Linking dynamic files
* Dynamic Characteristics
* Scripting
* Two-way integrated editing (Visual / Code)
* One-Click Patching with
* Debugger
* Support Service
* Support database
* Compiler Directives
* ICE Validation Manual
* Automation Interface
Web Applications
* Database Import MSI / MSM windows Installer

Technological support
* Compression LZMA/BCJ2
* windows Installer
* Mix Modules
* Web Media Blocks
* flash Interactive Billboards
* HTML Interactive Billboards
* Te nance Installation / Repair
* Uninstalling programmable
* Genuine Scripting for windows Installer

* windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003
*. NET Framework
* Internet Information Services
* Microsoft SQL Server
* My SQL
* Oracle, Oracle Net
* Pre-install MSI runtime
* Pre-installation. NET Framework
* Pre-installation de.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
* Pre-installation. NET Framework 2.0
* Pre-install Internet Explorer
* Pre-installed Java Virtual Machine
* Pre-install Microsoft SQL Server Express

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