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The Resume Maker on Steroids ! Resume Maker Pro version 14

The Resume Maker on Steroids ! Resume Maker Pro version 14

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO LOVING A MAN WITH A BUS PASS ? Those days are long gone. These days you gotta have some Money if you wanna get
a little Honey ! (either that or have a giant Penis !) And since you are Hung like a 5th grader........... you need to get a job and
make some money. So Get your ass off the couch, turn Jerry Springer off, put the lotion away, and make yourself a resume!!
I know that resumes are a serious PAIN IN THE ASS to make. But anything beats living with mom and dad, and masturbating.
So being that THE EGO ASSASSIN INFOSPONGE (me) has nothing but love for you,.......... I offer you...................a Resume Maker
that basically does the work for you, and then goes to the job interview! And it speaks proper English........not Ebonics like you
speak! So the job is yours!!!
If you dont believe that this program does all of that.....just look at the chick on the cover, YOU KNOW HER ASS GOT THE JOB!!

Professional Resumes That Get Results!
* Easy, "Step-by-Step" Wizards
* Examples for 13,000+ Careers
* 150,000 Recommended Phrases
* "Import" Your Existing Resume
* 1,000 Professional Resumes & Letters
Job Search Tools That Give You The Advantage!
* Search "5 Million" Job Openings
* Search "20 Million" Companies
* Distribute at "Top 90+" Career Sites
* Salary & Negotiation Tips for 2,500 Careers
* "Job Agents!" Get Jobs by E-mail
Everything You Need to Advance Your Career!
* 500+ Virtual Interview Answers
* Contact Manager with "Mail Merge"
* FREE! Professional Fonts Inside
* Publish a "Web Resume"
* Create a PDF Resume & Burn your Portfolio to CD/DVD

The Resume Maker on Steroids ! Resume Maker Pro version 14

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