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Windows XP SP3 Corporate Edition WinStyle Titanium (2010/ENG)

Windows XP SP3 Corporate Edition WinStyle Titanium (2010/ENG) | 689 MB

Windows XP Of winStyle Of titanium from alex333313 it is based on original [distributive] Windows XP Of professional SP3 Of corporate Of edition with the integrated renovations on 18.09.2010 from Microsoft and UpdatePack 23.09.10 from SamLab. Disk is [multizagruzochnyy]. Installation is full-automatic. The introduction of series number is not required. Activation after installation is not required.
Is passed checking to the authenticity on the site Of microsoft. The minimum of the cut out -actual unnecessary (without the application of nLite), is added only most necessary (including driver)
Means is intended for the record and the subsequent installation from loading CD, to the [formatiruemyy] in the process of installation division of hard drive. Installation from the system is not greeted. You advance into THE BIOS load with CD -ROm and you load computer from the [zapisanogo] the compact of disk. With the selection of division for the installation, it should be [formatirovat] it into the file system NTFS.

It is removed:
*ZoneGames - on-line Game
*WinTOUR - acquaintance with Windows XP
In the assembling they are integrated:
*AHCI Of massStorage of x86
*Adobe Of flash Of player Of activeX and Plugin - installs Adobe Of flash of the components Of activeX and Plugin, for the survey Of flash of the animation
in Internet Of explorer and other applications, including all popular browsers.
*Adobe Of flash Of player of 10 Projector Of standAlone (Optimized) - is used for the autonomous (without the use of a browser) playback of small games, animated rollers and so forth in the size SWF.
*DirectX June 2010
*PkgInst - the fitter of packets for Windows is used for the installation of the renovations of software for the operating systems Of microsoft Windows and other products of the corporation Of [maykrosoft]. The renovation of software establishes a constant copy of the fitter of packets for Windows on the computer in order to reduce the size of the loaded subsequent renovations of software.
*IE - renovation of the security system Of internet Of explorer for Windows XP ". Contains the storage renovation of safety Of internet Of explorer for Windows XP
*IE8_Reload - eighth version the Internet browser from Microsoft
*Windows Of media Of player of 11 Rus - [Media] record player from Microsoft
*RAID 5 for Windows XP SP3 - makes it possible to include in Windows XP PRO the undocumented possibility to turn havoc program massifs RAID 5.
*[Uvelicheno] the number of TCP from 10 to 100.
*[Zameneny] wall-papers. Is added theme on silence Of win7Black
*CPLDAPU of 0.7b.10 - additional [applety] of control panel
*Windows Of winStyle of 2010 Titanium - this is new word in the formulation Windows XP. In [addone] [otsutsvuyut] any logotypes, images or inscriptions Of winStyle of 2010 Titanium, all firm signatures Of microsoft Of corporation are preserved.
*[Kursory], types, sounds W7, the theme of formulation, [avatary].
- DP_Chipset_wnt5_x86-32_10052
- DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_100724
- DP_Sound_Realtek_wnt5_x86-32_1007
- DP_Video_Intel_wnt5_ of x86-32_1007
- DP_CPU_wnt5_x86-32_1005
*[Udaleno] several [neispolzuemykh] components Windows
md5: EBD868939E3CC8144C55D12087197DAA
SHA1: 5A56D7853C7AB5119F18059B884E10F34813D3BA

Download Windows XP SP3 Corporate Edition WinStyle Titanium (2010/ENG):

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