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Ashampoo Burning Software Collection

Ashampoo Burning Software Collection
ENG | 845 MB

The collection of programs of series Ashampoo Burning intended for record by CD/DVD of disks, creations of covers, menu DVD and uses in other purposes. With the detailed list of programs, appendices and templates can familiarise in the detailed descriptio

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a full-function program for record of disks. Ashampoo Burning Studio allows to create projects and to write down CD/DVD (including MP3-CD, VCD, S-VCD and Blu-ray). Program Ashampoo Burning Studio supports long names of files (127 signs for DVD and Blu-ray, and 64 signs for CD), automatic adjustment of parametres, preservation and project loading, creation of images, simple management of files by means of Drag&Drop and many other things. As well as other products Ashampoo, this appendix it is focused on ordinary users and supports work from more than 1700 various recorders, including CD, DVD and Blu-ray ?????????.

Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn allows to compress any video file (transforming to format MPEG4), using last technologies in video processing, allowing to receive the minimum size of a file with the minimum losses in quality. Specify to the program the size of a file which you wish to receive, and you can keep it at yourselves on a disk or directly write down on CD or DVD. Record function on CD supports multisession.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements - a program with which you can burn music, video and data - quickly and efficiently. Software with an intuitive user interface offers a compact function to perform all tasks related to your writing projects - easily create data discs, burn backups, rips music, creates audio CDs or records already existing film files to Blu -ray. With Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements You can also record HD - and full HD discs (720p and 1080p), if the existing files are saved in the finished folder. Audio discs can also be effectively and conveniently Rippowan with this software. Integrated music player lets you play audio and CD directly, so you can not open another music player to listen to music titles. Ashampoo Burning StudioElements in an instant to help develop and print the covers, labels and leaflets in different formats. Write CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs quickly and easily!

Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn allows you to compress any video file (converting into a format MPEG4), using the latest technology in video processing for obtaining the minimum file size with minimal loss in quality. Specify the program file size that you want to get, and you can save it to disk or burn to CD or DVD. Recording function on the CD supports multisession.

Ashampoo Cover Studio - A new program from the famous German developer, which allows you to create covers for your CDs. With this tool you can create covers for their CDs for a small period of time than you would a hand. The program supports all popular formats packages CD / DVD, as well as the latest printer with direct printing on the disc. Of the features of the program is to provide support for all types of standard CDs, the use of templates ready artwork that you are only required to enter your text / graphics, create your own cover design and much more. Ashampoo Cover Studio contains many themes and templates, professional level, can import list data or music tracks from the disc by its cover, and also supports most modern printers support direct printing on the disc. Convenient and user-friendly interface is understandable as power users and beginners. The component of Ashampoo Burning Studio 8, 9, 10.

In this archive includes:
Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.77 Free Final
Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.32 Final
Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.09 Final
Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.21 Final
Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.4 Final
Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements 10.0.4 Final
Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 2.21 Final
Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 3.03 Final
Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.20 Final
Ashampoo DVD Theme Pack 1.20
Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 Theme Pack 1.00
Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 Theme Pack 1.00

Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.77 Free Final
Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.32 Final
Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.09 Final
Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.21 Final
Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.4 Final
Portable Movie Shrink & Burn 3.03 Final
Portable Movie Shrink & Burn 2.11 Final
Portable Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.2.0 Final

History Update of release (from 09/09/2010)
12.02.2010 - at the request of the story begin to update the release. Ashampoo Cover Studio Updated to version 2.2.0, the program is installed already activated.
15/02/2010 - Added portable version of Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.2.0.
13/05/2010 - Added a beta version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0 Beta and Portable version. Removed irrelevant program BurnYa! 2.60.
05/26/2010 - Added final version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.1. Added portable version.
27.05.2010 - replaced by the final version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.1 on an already activated. Treat it is not necessary.
07/19/2010 - Added final version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.3.
08/18/2010 - Added final version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.4. Now it is already activated version-repacking of infiniti78 (ru-board, readme included). Added portable version. Added Ashampoo Burning Studio 1910 Theme Pack 1.00 (There is no medicine).
21/08/2010 - Added repack Ashampoo Burning Studio 1910 Theme Pack 1.00 - it is installed already activated. Nevertheless, the distribution remains the original distribution, which, without drugs - made this for those who are fundamentally against different perepakovok and ready to wait for working crack.
09/09/2010 - Added final version of Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements 10.0.4 (different from the normal version I know of). The drug is suitable for him from the usual 10.0.4!

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