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Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits (1977 - 2006)

Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits (1977 - 2006)

Genre: Disco,Pop | 761 tracks |MP3 256 kbps |4.78 GB


Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #1 (Samoe Sladkoe)(by Lis'S)
Ace of Base - All thal she.mp3
Adriano Celentano - Uh, uh.mp3
Afric Simon - Hafanana.mp3
Albert One - for your love.mp3
Alphaville - Forever young.mp3
Ardis - Ain't Nobody's Business.mp3
Azul Y Negro - Me Estoy Volviendo Loco.mp3
Baby's Gang - Challendger.mp3
Baby's Gang - Happy Song (Album Version).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - A world without you.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Come back & stay.mp3
Baltimora - Tarsan Boy.mp3
Bee Gees - Fallen angels.mp3
Bernie Paul - Attenzione Go Go Radio.mp3
Bobby Orlando - Whisper To A Scream.mp3
Bolero - I Wish.mp3
Boney M - Felicidad (margherita).mp3
Bonnie Tyler - Holdind out for a hero.mp3
Brian Ice - Over Again.mp3
Bronski Beat - Small town boy (dance mix).mp3
C.C. Catch - Are You Man Enough.mp3
C.C. Catch - Heaven And Hell.mp3
Camouflage - Love Is A Shield .mp3
Chilly - Symply a love song.mp3
Chip Chip - Radio.mp3
Coo Coo - Upside down.mp3
Danny Keith - Keep On Music.mp3
Debut de Soiree - Nuit de Folie.mp3
Del Faro - Bandiera La Playa Del Sol.mp3
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart.mp3
Digital Emotion - Get up.mp3
Digital Emotion - Time.mp3
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running.mp3
Dschinghis Khan - Israel, israel.mp3
Dschinghis Khan - Samurai.mp3
Eddy Huntington - Up & Down.mp3
Erasure - Oh'Lamour.mp3
Fancy - Bolero.mp3
Fancy - Lady Of Ice.mp3
France Gall - Ella, Elle l'a.mp3
Fun Fun - Happy Station.mp3
Funny Twins - You and me.mp3
Gazebo - I Like Chopin.mp3
Gina T - Tokio By Night.mp3
Grant Miller - Always On My Mind.mp3
Grant Miller - Doctor For My Heart.mp3
Hipnosis - Droid.mp3
Italian Boys - Forever Lovers.mp3
Joe Yellow - USA.mp3
Joy - Touch By Touch.mp3
Jules - You And Me.mp3
K. B. Caps - Do you really need me.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Glasses man.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Hey hey guy.mp3
Kim Wilde - Cambodia.mp3
Koto - Pulsar.mp3
Laser Cowboys - Final Conflict (Online).mp3
Laura Branigan - Self control.mp3
Lee Marrow - Mr fantasy.mp3
Lian Ross - Say You'll Never.mp3
London Boys - Chinese Radio.mp3
London Boys - Requiem.mp3
Lucia - Marinero.mp3
Madonna - Like a player.mp3
Maltese - Warrior (Maxi Version).mp3
Mauro - Buona Sera Ciao....mp3
Max Coveri - One More Time.mp3
Max Him - Lady Fantasy.mp3
Mc Miker & DJ Sven - Holiday Rap.mp3
Michael Bedford - Tonight.mp3
Mike Mareen - Love Spy.mp3
Modern Talking - Atlantis is calling.mp3
Monte Kristo - The Girl Of Lucifer.mp3
Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl (Radio Edit).mp3
Mozzart - Money.mp3
Mr. Me - I go down.mp3
MR. Zivago - Little russian.mp3
Murrai Head - One night in Bangkok.mp3
Okay - Okay!.mp3
Opus - Life is life.mp3
Paris Lion - Happy Children.mp3
Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight.mp3
Patty Ryan - You're My Love, You're My Life.mp3
Paul Sharada - Boxers.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - In The Night.mp3
Pia Zadora - Rainbow in the sky.mp3
Radiorama - Desire (Remix).mp3
Radiorama - Vampires.mp3
Rajio Di Luna - Comancero.mp3
Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say.mp3
Romano Bias - Dial my number.mp3
Roni Griffith - Desire.mp3
Roxanne - Show me.mp3
Roxete - The look.mp3
Rudy & Co - Mama radio.mp3
Saphir - Shot in the night.mp3
Savage - Don't Cry Tonight.mp3
Savage - Only You.mp3
Scotch - Disco band.mp3
Scotch - Drink a scotch.mp3
Secret Service - Aux Deux Magots.mp3
Shy Rose - You Are My Desire.mp3
Sing System - Stay with me.mp3
Solid Strangers - Music in the night.mp3
Sophie - My World.mp3
Squash Gang - Moving Your Hips.mp3
Stacey Q. - Two of Hearts.mp3
Stevie B. - Because I Love You (The Postman Song).mp3
Suzanne Vega - Tom's dinner.mp3
Tanita Tikaram - And i think of you.mp3
Ten Sharp - You (orig version).mp3
Terence Trent D'arby - Sign Your Name.mp3
The Flirts - Helpless (You Took My Love).mp3
The Flirts - Just Another Kiss (Unitel-KBS).mp3
Tony Esposito - Kalimba De Luna.mp3
Toto Cutugno - L'Italiano.mp3
Visage - Fade to gray.mp3
Why Not - Smile.mp3
Zucchero feat. Paul Young - Senza Una Donna.mp3

Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #2 (Samoe Sladkoe)(by Lis'S)
A-ha - Take on me.mp3
Adriano Celentano - Susanna.mp3
Albert One - Hopes & Dreams.mp3
Albert One - Turbo Diesel (Extended).mp3
Alphaville - Big in japan.mp3
Angelo Maria Morales (ax Radiorama) - Pretty babe.mp3
Art Of Noise - Yebo!.mp3
Atrium - Midnight Dancer.mp3
Baby's Gang - Happy Song (Remix).mp3
Baby's Gang - Jamin.mp3
Baccara - Cara mia.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You (Dance mix).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Pretty young girl.mp3
Beach Boys - California dreamin'.mp3
Belle Epoque - Miss broadway.mp3
Black - Sweetes smile.mp3
Black Denim - You Are The One.mp3
Blue System - My bed is too big.mp3
Boney M - Kalimba de luna.mp3
Bonnie Bianco - Tonight Will Last Forever.mp3
Brian Ice - Talking To The Night.mp3
Bros - When will i be famous.mp3
C.C. Catch - Are you man enougn.mp3
C.C. Catch - Good guys only win in tonight.mp3
Camouflage - The Great Commandment.mp3
Chip Chip - Everything You Love.mp3
Chris Norman - Hunters of the Night.mp3
D-Emotion Project - Rotourize planinata.mp3
Danuta - Touch My Heart.mp3
David Gray - Let's Dance Tonight.mp3
Dead Or Alive - You spin me round.mp3
Den Harrow - Charleston.mp3
Den Harrow - Over power.mp3
Desireless - Voyage, Voyage.mp3
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen.mp3
Dusty - If you go away.mp3
Eddy Huntington - Physical Attraction.mp3
Falco - Jeanny (part I).mp3
Fancy - Slice me nice.mp3
Fun Fun - Giv Me Your Love.mp3
Gilla - Jonny.mp3
Giorgio Moroder - Love theme from.mp3
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice.mp3
Hot Gold - I Can Hear Voice.mp3
Italian Boys - Midnight Girl (Radio Version).mp3
Jason Donovan - Too many broken hearts.mp3
Joe Yellow - I'm your lover.mp3
Joy - Gimme Gimme All Of You.mp3
Joy - I'm In Love.mp3
Ken Laszlo - Don't Cry.mp3
King Kong & D'Jungle Girls - Boom Boom Dollar.mp3
Kinky Go - I'm A Winner (12'' Version).mp3
Koto - Time.mp3
Laid Back - Sunshine raggae.mp3
Lala feat SAVAGE - Johnny Johnny.mp3
Laserdance - Powerrun.mp3
Laura Branigan - Satisfaction.mp3
Lee Marrow - Don't stop the music.mp3
Lian Ross - Do you wanna funk.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - Perfect Love.mp3
Lipps INC - Funky town.mp3
Mary Kante - Yeke yeke.mp3
Max Him - Melanie.mp3
Michael Bedford - More Then A Kiss.mp3
Mike Freeman - What Is real.mp3
Mike Mareen - Here i am.mp3
Mike Rogers - Just A Story.mp3
Miko Mission - How old are you.mp3
Milli Vinilli - Girl you know it's true.mp3
Modern Talking - Do You Wanna.mp3
Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl.mp3
Neoton Familia - Ket szaahusz.mp3
Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Rent.mp3
Pino D'angio - Elibero Scusi.mp3
Public Passion - Flash In The Night.mp3
Radiorama - Multimix of Radiorama.mp3
Roxette - Joyride.mp3
Sabina M - Excited For Love.mp3
Sabrina - Sexy girl.mp3
Samantha Fox - Touch me.mp3
Sandra - Innocent Love.mp3
Sandra - Loreen.mp3
Saphir - Storm of love.mp3
Savage - A Love Again (remix).mp3
Savage - Goodbye.mp3
Scotch - Delirio mind.mp3
Scotch - Loving is easy.mp3
Silent Circle1 - For You.mp3
Silent Circle2 - Give Me Time.mp3
Silicom Dream - Corleone Speaking.mp3
Silicon Dream - Andromeda.mp3
Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife.mp3
Stacey Q - Love On Desire.mp3
Stage - Whoodoo dance.mp3
Steven Miller Band - Adracadabra.mp3
Supermax - It ain't easy.mp3
Tangerine Dream - Song of the Whale, Part 1-From Dawn....mp3
The Flirts - Temptation.mp3
The Flirts - The time is right.mp3
The Midnight's Moscow - Tovarich Gorbachov.mp3
The Nasty Boys - I Was Made For Loving You.mp3
Traks - Long train runnin.mp3
UK - Road Runner.mp3
Video Kids - Do the Rap.mp3
Yazz - The Only Way Is Up (Album Version).mp3

Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #3 (Samoe Sladkoe) (by Lis'S)
Amadeus List - Win the race.mp3
Atrium - Week-End.mp3
Avalanche - Johnny, Johnny, Come Home (remix '88).mp3
Baby's Gang - America.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Gimme gimme your lovin' (Little lady).mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Lady in black.mp3
Big Fun - Blame it on boogie.mp3
Black - Wonderful life.mp3
Blue System - Magic Symphony.mp3
Blue System - Onder my skin.mp3
Bobby Orlando - Whisper To A Scream (Maxi Version).mp3
Bonnie Bianco & Pierre Cosso - Stay.mp3
Brian Ice - Walking Away.mp3
Bruce & Bongo - Geil.mp3
C.C. Catch - Summer Kiss.mp3
C.C. Catch - You Can't Run Away From It.mp3
Caeser - My black lady.mp3
Camouflage - Mother.mp3
Chip Chip - So close to heaven.mp3
Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro - Stumblin' in.mp3
Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.mp3
Cyber People - Doctor faustus.mp3
Danny Keith - I Feel Right.MP3
Danuta - Whenever You Go.mp3
David Lyme - Bambina (Maxi Version).mp3
Den Harrow - Bad boy.mp3
Den Harrow - Holiday Night.mp3
Digital Emotion - Dont Stop.mp3
Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R..mp3
Europe - The fihal countdouwn.mp3
Falco - Jeanny (part II).mp3
Fun Fun - Living In Japan.mp3
Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix.mp3
Gianna Nannini - I Maschi.mp3
Gina T - Fantasy boy.mp3
Girly - Working Girl (One Way Love Affair).mp3
Grant Miller - I'm Alive Tonight.mp3
Imagination - Just an illision.mp3
Interface - Plastic Age.mp3
Jimmy & Susy - Come Back (Versione Disco).mp3
Jimmy Somerville - To love Somebody.mp3
Joe Yellow - Love at first.mp3
Joy - Countdown Of Love.mp3
Joy - She's Dancing Alone.mp3
Ken Lazslo - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.mp3
Kim Wilde - Keep me hangin' on.mp3
Kinky Go - I'm A Winner.mp3
Laid Back - High Society Girl.mp3
Lala - Johnny Johnny (Extended By DJ Gilberto).mp3
Laura Pausini - Strani Amori.mp3
Lenny - Self control.mp3
Les Mc'keown - She's A Lady.mp3
Let Mc Keown - It's A Game.mp3
Lili & Susie - Can't Let You Go.mp3
Lime - Sunexpected Lovers.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - You're My First, You're My Last.mp3
London Beat - I've been thinking about you.mp3
Los Lobos with A. Banderas - Cancion del mariachi.mp3
Marx & Spencer - Stay.mp3
Maryla Rodowicz - Kolorowe jarmarki.mp3
Max Him - No Escape.mp3
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean.mp3
Michael Sembello - Maniac.mp3
Midnight Passion - I Need You Love.mp3
Mike Mareen - Germany.mp3
Mike Mareen - Mike-Mareen-Powerplay-Mix.mp3
Miko Mission - The world is you.mp3
Moon Ray - Comanchero.mp3
Neoton Familia - Santa Maria.mp3
Nick Kamen - I promesed myself.mp3
Nile Rodgers - Axel F 304.mp3
Numero Uno - Tora, tora, tora.mp3
Oh Romeo - These Memories.mp3
Paul Lekakis - Boom boom.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - One More Chance.mp3
Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise.mp3
Psychic Interface - Tribal stomp.mp3
Radiorama - Fire (7 inch edit).mp3
Radiorama - Warrior.mp3
Rocco Granata & The Carnations - Marina (Remix '89).mp3
Rocky M - Disco Lady.mp3
Sabrina - Da ya think i'm sexy.mp3
Samantha Fox - I serrender.mp3
Sandra - In The Heat Of The Night.mp3
Santa Claus & D'Jingle Bells - Happy christmas.mp3
Santa Esmeralda - Don't let me be misunderstood.mp3
Saphir - I'm Alive (maxi).mp3
Scotch - Mastermix.mp3
Shy Rose - You Are My Desire.mp3
Silent Circle - Stop The Rain In The Night .mp3
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night.mp3
Silikon Dream - Time mashine.mp3
Space - Just blue.mp3
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion (Extended Version).mp3
Stacey Q - Two of Hearts.mp3
Status Quo - You're in the army now.mp3
Tango - Computerized Love.mp3
The Beloved - Sweet harmony.mp3
The Twins - Love System (Maxi version).mp3
Ub 40 - (I can't help) Fallin' in love with you.mp3
Vaya Con Dias - Nah neh nah.mp3
Videokids - Satellite.mp3
Zodiac - Provincial disco.mp3

Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #4 (Samoe Sladkoe)(by Lis'S)
A-Ha - Crying in the rain.mp3
Ace Of Base - Happy nation.mp3
Al Bano & Romina Power - Makassar.mp3
Albert One - Secrets.mp3
Alphatown - Power Of Magic.mp3
Art Of Noise - Paranoimia.mp3
Avalanche - Letter From America.mp3
Aventura - Di Mi Quando.mp3
Azul y negro - El arte que no se ve.mp3
B Ulvaeus & B Anderson - One Night In Bangkok.mp3
Baby's Gang - Happy Song.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Don't walk away Suzanne.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - I live.mp3
Baltimora - Woody Boogie.mp3
Billy Joel - Matter Of Trust.mp3
Blossom Child - I pray.mp3
Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah (Maxi version).mp3
Bobby Orlando - Runaway.MP3
Boney M - No woman no cry.mp3
Bonnie Bianco - A cry in the night.mp3
Bonnie Tyler - Race ToThe Fire.mp3
Born 2 Gether - Dancing In The Jungle.mp3
Boys Next Door - Lady of the night.mp3
Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night (Extended version).mp3
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (Acoustic Radio Edit).mp3
CC Catch - Big Time.mp3
Cerrone - Supernature.mp3
Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair.mp3
Comancero - Comanchero.mp3
Creative Connection - Scratch My Name (Extended Version).mp3
Daylight - Italian Affair.mp3
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).mp3
Debut De Soiree - La vie, la nuit.mp3
Den Harrow - Future brain.mp3
Djalana - Hot Love.mp3
Ecstasy - This is my house.MP3
Eurythmics - Sweet dreams (Are made of this).mp3
F.P.I. Project (Rich In Paradise) - Going Back To My Root.mp3
Facts & Fiction - Melodie D'Amore.mp3
Fake - Frogs In Spain (Extended Version).mp3
Francesco Salvi - Ezzatto!.mp3
Friday People - Mystery girl.mp3
Fun Fun - Color My Love.mp3
Goombay Dance Band - Marakesh.mp3
Grant Miller - California Train.mp3
Happy Hours - We geht's.mp3
Herbie Hancock - Rock it (Breakdance Theme).mp3
Hipnosis - Automatic piano.mp3
If - Jealousy (Extended version).mp3
Imagination - Body Talk.mp3
Joe McRoy - Little Cowboy (Radio Re-Edit).mp3
Joy - Valerie.mp3
Kaoma - Lambada.mp3
Kenny Masters - Fire In My Heart.mp3
Kinky Go - Reach out.mp3
Koto - Visitors (Extended Version).mp3
Latin Lover - Laser Light (Extended).mp3
Lee Marrow - Sayonara.mp3
Les Mc Keown - Love is just breath away.mp3
Linda Jo Rizzo - Heartflash (Tonight).mp3
Luca Coveri - Do It Again (Extended Version).mp3
Mark Farina - Russian (Gorby Mix).mp3
Martinelli - Cinderella.mp3
Max Coveri - Bye Bye Baby (Extended version).mp3
Max Him - No Escape (Extended Version).mp3
Mike Mareen - Motorcycle madness.mp3
Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance (12'' Original Classic).mp3
Mr. Zivago - Tell By Your Eyes.mp3
Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok (full version).mp3
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango.MP3
Mysterious Art - Das Omen 1 (Radio Version).mp3
Neil Smith - Help Me (Remix).mp3
New Baccara - Fantasy Boy.mp3
Off - Electrica Salsa.mp3
Paul Sharada - Keep Your Love Alive (Extended Version).mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro (italian remix).mp3
Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea.mp3
Pussycat - Another Day.mp3
Pussycat - Wet Day In September.mp3
Radiorama - Manitu.mp3
Rick Fellini - Welcome To Rimini.mp3
Rose - Magic Carillon (Extended Version).mp3
S50 - Input (Remix).mp3
Sabrina - All of Time.mp3
Samantha Fox - Hold on tight.mp3
Sandra - Stop For A Minute (Single Mix).mp3
Saphir - I Feel Good, I Feel Fine.mp3
Silent Circle - Hide Awai - Man Is Comin (Extended Version).mp3
Spagna - Every Girl & Boy.mp3
Spandau Ballet - True.mp3
Stars On 45 - Greatest Hits Of The Millenium.mp3
Steve Eden & Paul James - Memories Emotion (Extended Version).mp3
Styloo - Why (Extended Version).mp3
T. Ark - Under cover lover.mp3
Taco - Puttin on the ritz.mp3
Ten Sharp - You (acustic version).mp3
The Bangles - Manic Monday.mp3
The Hurricanes - Only One Night.mp3
The Twins - A Wild Romance.mp3
Thomas Schubert - Little Flower (Extended Version).mp3
Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle (Extended Version).mp3
Troll - Jimmy Dean.mp3
Valerie Dore - It's so easy.MP3
Vanessa - Be my lady.mp3
Weather Girls - Its Raining Men.mp3
William King - Robin Hood.mp3

Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #5 (Samoe Sladkoe) (by Lis'S)
Albert One - Music (Extended).mp3
Aleph - Fly to me (Maxi Single).mp3
Aleph - Megamix.mp3
Atrium - Hey Tonight.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - Kiss you all over, baby (new version).mp3
Bazykina Twins - Moscow Nights (Maxi).mp3
Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream (Extended Version).mp3
Betty Miranda - Dance.mp3
Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.mp3
Bolero - I Wish (Extended Version).mp3
Bonnie Tyler - It's a heartache.mp3
Boys - Linda.mp3
Boystown Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You.mp3
Brando - Rainy Day (Extended version).mp3
Camaros Gang - Fuerza Major (Extended Version).mp3
Carrara - Follow Me.mp3
Charlie G - Llama L'amor.mp3
Cherry - Lullaby.mp3
Chris Norman - Into the night.mp3
Claudia T - Dance With Me.mp3
Creative Connection - You re My Heart, You re My Sou.mp3
D. Ream - You Are The Best Thing (Extended Version).mp3
David Lyme - Bye Bye Mi Amor.mp3
Daydream - In the Night.mp3
Don Pablo's Animals - Venus.mp3
Dyva - Clap Again (Extended version).mp3
Fable Time - Russia Russia (12 '' version).MP3
Facts & Fiction - Give Me The Night (Extended Version).mp3
Fancy - Dragostea Din Tei.mp3
Fantasy - He's Number One (12 '' version).mp3
Fire Fax - Young Girls.mp3
Flo Astaire - Monkey Monkey (Extended Version).mp3
Foreign Currency - Cest La Vie.mp3
Francesco Napoli - Ma quale idea.mp3
Fresh - The Wolf.mp3
Friday People - Friday People.mp3
Gazuzu - Chant For You.mp3
Girly - Trouble.mp3
GJ Lunghi - Acapulco Nights.mp3
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me (Extended Version).mp3
Hazell Dean - They Say It's Gonna Rain (Extended Version).mp3
Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) .mp3
Helicon - You...See (12'' Maxi).mp3
Hotline - Fantasy (Remix).mp3
Hugh Bullen - Alisand.mp3
Ingela - Move Your Body.mp3
Irene Cara - What A Feeling.mp3
Joe Lockwood - Hey You.mp3
Joy - Night Of The Night.mp3
K. Barre - Right By The Moon (Extended Version).mp3
Kelly Brown - Only You Can (You Make Me Feel) (Extended Version).mp3
Laban - Love In Siberia (Extended Version).mp3
Laserdance - Humanoid Invasion (Original Remix).mp3
Lee Young - Napoleon (Napolion).mp3
Lift Up - Diamonds Never Made A Lady (Extended).mp3
Lili & Sussie - Let Us Dance Just a Little Bit More.mp3
Londonbeat - Where Are You.mp3
Louise Tucker - Minight blue.mp3
Marce - I Want You (Extended Version).mp3
Michael Fortunati - Into The Night (Extended Version).mp3
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana.mp3
Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty.mp3
Miko Mission - Toc Toc Toc (Extended Version).mp3
Moses - We Just.mp3
Mr. Freaky - Out Of My Mind (Single Version).mp3
Nino D'angelo - Vai.Mp3
Ocean Wings - Lovin' In The Snow (Extended Version).mp3
Off - Time Operator (Extended Version).mp3
Oryan - She's My Queen (Extended Version).mp3
Panorama - War In Love (Extended Version).mp3
Paris-France-Transit - Souvenir From Rio.mp3
Patty Ryan feat Systems in Blue - One Summer Night In Moscow.mp3
Phaeax - Talk About.mp3
Proxyon - Space Hopper (Extended Version).mp3
Pussycat - Rio.mp3
Radiorama - Yeti.mp3
Rajjio di Luna - Comancero (long).mp3
Roger Meno U K - Roadrunner.mp3
Round One - In Zaire (maxi).mp3
Ryan Simmons - Lucky Guy (Maxi Version).mp3
S Express - Theme From S Express.mp3
Sandy Marton - Love synchronicity.mp3
Savage - Radio.mp3
Silver Pozzoli - Step By Step (Extended Version).mp3
Sky Creakers - You should be dancing.mp3
Smile DK - Kissy Kissy.mp3
Stars On 45 - Disco 80's Medley.mp3
Swan - General Custer.mp3
Tension - My Dream (Extended Version).mp3
The Great Disco Bouzouki Band - Disco Bouzouki.mp3
The Twins - Not The Loving Kind (Extended version).mp3
The Ventures - Vibrations.mp3
Tom Hooker - Looking For Love (Extended Version).mp3
Tommy Kerisch - Speedy Life (Extended Version).mp3
Trance X - Living On The Video (Radio Mix).mp3
Venus - Hot Sun On Video (Extended Version).mp3
Virgin - Tell Me Why.mp3

Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #6 (Samoe Sladkoe) (by Lis'S)
Afric Simone & Evgeniy Osin - Todo Pasara Maria.mp3
Afric Simone - Piranha.mp3
Ago - Computer (In My Mind) Extended version.Mp3
Airplay - September Love.mp3
Aki - Magic Love.mp3
Al Bano & Katya Lel' - La Prima Notte d'amore.mp3
Aleph - Fire on the moon (12'' Single).mp3
Alf - Stuck on earth (Extended version).mp3
Andrea - Macho Man.mp3
Anthony's Games - Sunshine Love (Extended version).mp3
Authokino - Cernobyl (Extended Version).mp3
Beverly Craven - Promise Me.mp3
Bizzy & Co - Take A Chance.mp3
Black Box - Ride on time.mp3
Blue System - Behind The Silence.mp3
Bobby Orlando - Mixed-Up World.mp3
Boney M - Young, Free And Single.mp3
Bonnie Bianco & Chris Norman - Send a sign to my heart.mp3
Boys Next Door - I Will Follow You.mp3
Carrara - Midnight Walking.mp3
CC Catch & Tat'yana Ovsienko - I can Lose my Heart Tonight.mp3
Cherry - Magic Holiday (Extended Version).mp3
Chester - Hold The Line (Extended version).mp3
Chico-Chico - Yo quiero bailar.mp3
Chriss - With A Boy Like You (Boy Remix).mp3
Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair (Extended Version).mp3
Creative Connection Feat Lian Ross - Dont you go away.mp3
Cruisin' Gang - Be My Life (Extended version).mp3
Cruisin' Gang - My Man.mp3
Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight.mp3
David Hazelhoff - Je t'Aime means i love you.mp3
David Lang - Tomboy (Album Version).mp3
Daydream - Baby Baby (Extended version).mp3
Demis Roussos & Diana Gurckaya - From Souvenirs To Souvenirs.mp3
Denise & Babys Gang - Disco Maniac (Extended Version).mp3
Depeche Mode - Stripped.mp3
Digital Toy - Your Love Tonight (Extended Version).mp3
Empire (Methusalem) - Bavarian Affair (The Black Hole).mp3
Five Letters - Crazy Man (Part 2 Aliluiya).MP3
Garbo - Perestroika (Extended Version) .mp3
Gianni Nazzaro - Mi sono innamorato di mia moglie.mp3
Gibson Brothers - Cuba.mp3
Hazell Dean - Searchin'.mp3
Hypnosis - Argonauts.mp3
Ivan - Fotonovela.mp3
Jeans Team - Baby.mp3
Johan Lindgren - Robots.mp3
Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams.mp3
Joy - The christmas mix (Medley).mp3
Kelly Brown - Only you can.mp3
Key West - Sorry, sorry, sorry.mp3
La Nuova Fattoria - Disco Polo.mp3
Les Montes - Dreams Of Rio (Extended version).mp3
Lesi Ortestral - Vodka fisa.mp3
Leslie Mandoki - Korea (Extended Version).mp3
Maltese - Mama (Extended version).Mp3
Martinique - Fantastic life (Extended Version).mp3
Max Coveri - Run To The Sun (Extended version).mp3
Meccano - Activate My Heart (Extended Version).mp3
Mike Rodgers - Happy Moon.mp3
Milli Vinilli - Keep on Running.mp3
Moses - Our Revolution (Extended Version).mp3
Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok.mp3
Mysterious Art - Requiem.mp3
Neoton Familia - Cheri Cheri Lady.mp3
New Paradise - This World Today Is a Mess.mp3
Nino D'angelo - Chiara.Mp3
O'Gar - Playback fantasy (Maxi Version).mp3
Off - Promise.mp3
Okay - Love In General.mp3
Paris Lion - Dream (Extended version).mp3
Parvati Khan - Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja.mp3
Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man.mp3
Pippo franco - Chi chi chi co co co.mp3
Premio Nobel - Baby doll.mp3
Proxyon - Beyond The Future.mp3
Raul Orellana - The real wild house (Single Version).mp3
Rewind - Rosalie.mp3
Riccardo Fogli, Alexander Marshal - Malinconia.mp3
Ricchi e Povery & Nikolay Baskov & Alexander Buynov & Tat'yana Lazareva - Voulez Vous Dancer.mp3
Robby Hood - Two Of Hearts.mp3
Rudy & Co. - Play The Game (Lolly Dance).mp3
Sabrina - Multimegamix.mp3
Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza.mp3
Savage - I Just Died in Your Arms.mp3
Section '87 - More Power.mp3
Shanghai - Bang Bang (Heart on Fire).mp3
Shirley White - I should be so lucky.mp3
Shorts - Comment Ca Va.mp3
Slip - Mamy Blue (Extended Version).mp3
Stars On 45 - 70's Disco Mix.mp3
Stephanie de Monaco - Flash (Radio edit).mp3
T Art - Count On Me.mp3
Technotronic & Felly - Pump Up The Jam.mp3
Tee-Set - Linda Linda.mp3
The Back Bag - Dial My Number.mp3
The Belle Stars - Iko Iko.mp3
The Bondettes - 007.mp3
Thomas Schubert - Crank It Up.mp3
Trio - Da Da Da.mp3
Vivien Vee - Higher (Extended version).Mp3

Italo Disco - Remix, Mix & Remake(by Lis'S)Italo Disco - The Sweetest hits #7 (Samoe Sladkoe) (by Lis'S)
Alan Berry - Hie Hie Hie.mp3
Aleph - Fly To Me (Remix).mp3
Anki Bagger - Where were you last night.mp3
Anugama - Gentle touch.mp3
Bad Boys Blue - I Totally Miss You.mp3
Bill Withers - Aint No Sunshine.mp3
Blue System - Try The Impossible.mp3
Bobby ''O'' - Hangin' On.mp3
Bobby ''O'' - Save Me.mp3
Bonnie Bianco - When The Price Is Your Love.mp3
Boys Boys Boys - Emotions.mp3
Creative Connection - Don't you (Extended Remix).mp3
Cruisin' Gang - Let's All Funky.mp3
David Lyme - I dont wanna lose you (Extended version).mp3
David Lyme - Playboy.mp3
Daydream - Crazy (Extended version).mp3
Deborah Sasson - Passion & Pain.mp3
Divine - Love Reaction.mp3
Divine - You Think You're a Man.mp3
Dresden China - Come Back.mp3
Dresden China - So Young And Wild.mp3
Dusty Springfield - I Only Want To Be With You.mp3
Dyva - Day after day.mp3
Fake - New art.mp3
Femminucce - Sing.mp3
Fiordaliso - Non voglio moca la luna.MP3
Forbidden Fruits - Disco Halloween.mp3
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax.mp3
Gary Cooper - You're the only one.mp3
Gazebo - Tears for Galileo (Dancefloor Radiomix).mp3
Glenn Medeiros - Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You.mp3
Grant Miller - C est la vie.mp3
Hally & Kongo Band - African Man.mp3
Human League - Don't You Want Me.mp3
Icy D. & Doc Daze - Get on up & dance.mp3
Jean-Luc Lahaye - Peur.mp3
Joe Yellow - Easy Lovers (Mix Edit).mp3
Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock.mp3
Kim Wilde - You Came.mp3
Kraftwerk - The Model.mp3
Level 42 - Lessons in love.mp3
Lucia - La Isla Bonita.mp3
Magazine 60 - Que Nose.mp3
Martika - Cross My Heart.mp3
Max Coveri - Guy Guy (Extended version).mp3
Mc Miker - Celebration Rap.mp3
Mike Hazzard - Stay with me.mp3
Miquel Brown - So ManyMen, So Little Time (Extended Version).mp3
Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Summer.mp3
Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance.mp3
OMD - Enola Gay (Long Version).mp3
Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive.mp3
Pet Shop Boys - Girls don't cry.mp3
Richard Sanderson - Reality.mp3
Robert Camero - Lady Surprise.mp3
Rocky M - An angel pased my way.mp3
Rocky M - Look in my heart.mp3
Russ Abbot - Atmosphere.mp3
S 50 - Input.mp3
Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza.mp3
Santa Claus & D. Jingle Girls - Little man.mp3
Silicon Dream - Albert Einstein - Everything is relative.mp3
Spandau Ballet - True.mp3
Stars On 45 - The Beatles Medley (Part 1).mp3
Stephanie de Monaco - Ouragan (Maxi version).mp3
Styloo - Pretty Face.mp3
Teach In - Ding-a-dong.mp3
Teach In - I'm Alone.mp3
Tears For Fears - Shout.mp3
The Knack - My Sharona.mp3
Thomas & Schubelt - Crank it boy.mp3
Tibor Levay - Gipsy Boobie (Exended version).mp3
Tina - Crazy For You.mp3
Tullio De Piscopo - Calimba De Luna.mp3
Umberto Tabbi - Ciao Siciliano.mp3
USA for Africa - We Are The World.mp3
Viola Valentino - Romantici.mp3
Webo - Magic Moment.mp3
Wish-Key - Last Summer.mp3
Yazoo - Only You.mp3
Yazz & Plastic Population - The Only Way Is Up.mp3


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