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Data: 22 Czerwiec 2010
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Cutting Edge

Artist: VA
Album: Cutting Edge
Year: 2010
Label: SpinTwist Records
Genre: Trance, Psychedelic
Codec: MP3
Bitrate audio: 320 Kbps
Playtime: 1:16:51
Total Size: 169 mb

01. Philter - Rise (Klopfgeister rmx)
02. Vaishiyas - Trap Check
03. Infinity - Propositions of movement
04. Liftshift - Eye of the world
05. Normalize - Nevermind
06. Aerospace - Just a dream
07. Jandb Project - Never stop learning
08. Day.Din - Halkidiki (Ectima rmx)
09. Ojos And Sexant - In Persuit
10. Vaishiyas - 2nd Fynn (Audiomatic rmx)

Though undoubtedly all parts of a knife or other cutting implement are important and serve a unique purpose, there is one that defines these tools more distinct than all others: The Cutting Edge. Now admittedly SpinTwist Records is not into ironmongery business, at least not yet. But trading the phrase 'a knife or other cutting implement' for the term 'Progressive Trance' and the words 'these tools' for 'this genre' still gives a very appropriate definition of Cutting Edge.
Belonging to this group of people himself, Israeli producer Guy Youngman aka Aerospace gathered quite an amount of those artists who represent the most advanced position of up-to-date Progressive sound and therefore define this style most distinct at the moment. The fact that he mixed up well established names with rather new ones on this compilation proves that he not only relies on the big names but carefully picked some of the most exciting, most interesting and most skilled artists-right from the Cutting Edge!

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