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Data: 4 Sierpień 2012
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Best Of Del Mar: 33 Beautiful Chill Sounds (2012)

Best Of Del Mar: 33 Beautiful Chill Sounds (2012)

Genre: Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut | 33 tracks |mp3 320 kbps |443.54 mb


01. Siesta del sol (Laid Back Summer Cut) - In Credo
02. Gale in the Waterglass (My Love) [Anthony Island Remix] [feat. Amy] - Kosta Rodrigez
03. No Motion (Jazz Relax Mix) - Good Chillaz
04. Solitude charmante - Cafe Americaine
05. C u again (Chill 2 Step Mix) - Airstream
06. Circling Elements (Down By the Sea Mix) [feat. Lovay] - Skysurfer
07. Declaration of Love (Piano Mix) [feat. lo Vita] - Noise Boyz
08. Como aire cristalino (Latin Mix) - The Man Behind C.
09. Es cavalett (Piano Dream Mix) - San Martino
10. Beachcruiser (Del Mar Mix) - Cafe Americaine
11. Tranquility Station (Smooth Evening Cut) - Jazz Connection
12. De la tierra (Daydream Mix) [feat. J.T.A.] - The S.G.S.Project
13. Needed Moonlight (Bossa Groove Cut) - Kid Coconutz
14. Take Me 2 the Sea (Floating Voice Mix) [feat. Mirjam] - Orange Music
15. A Dream Comes True (Red Horizon Mix) - chillwalker
16. 11 o'clock (Pure Beach Cut) [feat. Magica Fe] - Green Lemon
17. Landpartie (Meditation Mix) - Frank Borell
18. Time of passion (Guitar Mix) - Silent Voices
19. Stoned Love (Jazzomatic Mix) - Good Chillaz
20. El calor (Patrick Marsh Chill Out Mix) - Calido
21. Sun and Water (Long Cut) - Floating Clouds
22. Passing Dolphins (Cool Sax Mix) - Jazz Connection
23. Eclipse of the Sun (Dreamwaver Mix) - Skysurfer
24. Bring Back Silence (Cool and Lazy Afternoon Cut) - Cafe Americaine
25. Particular (Piano Sea Chill Session) - Deeparture
26. What the Memories Say (Sunfade Mix) - Jason Tyrello
27. She Contemplates the Beach (Dreams and Sax Mix) - Kid Coconutz
28. Come to the Sea (Original Mix) - Dreamscape
29. San Francisco Sun (Chinatown Mix) - Bay Area
30. So Free (Vocalchill Mix) - Emotional
31. Homeless (Mykonos Beach Cut) - chillwalker
32. When da Sun Is Gone (Relaxation Mix) - Jason Tyrello
33. Blue Tenerife (Waveglider Mix) - Cocogroove


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