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Collection of heavy songs

Collection of heavy songs (2010)

Genre: Melodic,Modern, Death, Christian,Metal | 85 tracks |mp3 VBR kbps |695.99 Ěb


01.August Burns Red - White Washed
02.Bloodline Severed - A Vision Revealed
03.See The Light - Readers Beware... You Choose The
04.All Shall Perish - Prisoner Of War
05.And Hell Followed With - Deadworld Reclamation
06.As Blood Runs Black - In Dying Days
07.Bleed from Within - The Healing
08.Drown My Day - Forgotten But Not Forgiven
09.Impending Doom - Walking Through Fire
10.In Dying Arms - What Should Have Been A Past
11.In The Midst Of Lions - Released
12.Of Salt And Swine - Collateral Damage
13.Placenta - Trendcutter
14.Resist the Thought - Legacy of a Martyr
15.Suffokate - Taking the Time to Take Your Life
16.The Imperial Betrayer - Interior Threat
17.The Last Felony - Quandary
18.Thy Art Is Murder - Laceration Penetration
19.The Browning - These Nightmares
20.We Butter The Bread With Butter - Sabine die Zeitmaschine
21.Before The Murder - Vow Of The Heartless
22.Beneath The Sky - Terror Starts At Home
23.Blind Witness - The New Year
24.Bring Me The Horizon - Fuck
25.Destruction of a Rose - 63
26.Disfigured Elegance - This Is My Promise
27.Hate May Return - Pony Slaystation
28.Promethee - Sink Or Swim
29.The Acacia Strain - Nightman
30.The Dead Lay Waiting - We Rise
31.Upon A Burning Body - Donnie Brasco
32.Sick Of It All - Dominated
33.Invisius - Trample The Burning Past
34.Neaera - Heavens Descent
35.Nobody Lives Forever - Wounds, Bloodstains, And Ricochets
36.Synarchy - Scars Of Gratitude
37.The Autumn Offering - Bloodlust
38.A Dead Motion - The Culprit
39.As I Lay Dying - Anodyne Sea
40.Ashes of a Lifetime - Life Translator
41.Beyond The Shore - Thrown to the Sharks
42.Broadcast The Nightmare - Vengeance The Sleeper
43.Buried In Verona - Hangin' Hoes By Their Toes
44.Bury Tomorrow - Livin La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin Cover)
45.Corpus Christi - (Seeing You Again) For The First Time
46.Defy the Laws of Traditon - Epilogue
47.Feed Her To The Sharks - Murder Monogamy
48.Get Up Texas - Mothers
49.Heaven Shall Burn - Given In Death
50.Hell Within - The Rebirth
51.Miss May I - Relentless Chaos
52.Society's Plague - The Human The Canvas
53.Thoughts In Reverse - Chasing Ghosts (feat. Jason Wood of It Dies Today)
54.Trivium - Shattering The Skies Above
55.Walking With Strangers - Buried, Dead & Done
56.From Atlantis - Arrival Of A Rival
57.Place Your Bet$ - The Ocean And Me
58.Endwell - Living Through the Losses (2/30/01)
59.Inhale Your Hate - Through The Eyes Of God
60.Legend - The Pain of Parting
61.MyChildren MyBride - Terra Firma
62.Parkway Drive - Sleepwalker
63.Unknown Darkness - Take 'em Down
64.With Life In Mind - King of Frauds
65.Awaiting Onset - Legacies
66.Asking Alexandria - Final Episode
67.Attack Attack! - Smokahontas
68.Covendetta - Be Responsible And Kill Your Zombie
69.Dismiss The Serpent - Words Become Outdated (When We're All Liars)
70.Eskimo Callboy - Hey Mrs. Dramaqueen
71.His Statue Falls - Jasmin W. Knows How To Mosh
72.The Devil Wears Prada - Anatomy
73.Silence - There Is No Place Like Home
74.Slice The Cake - Race of Roses
75.Circle Of Contempt - Concealed
76.Concept Insomnia - Miles to go
77.Elitist - Odeon
78.Lifeboat - Hollow Legs
79.We Are The Illusion - A Failing Entity
80.Bleeding Through - Anti-Hero
81.Dead In Existance - Escape
82.Within the Ruins - Crossbuster
83.System Divide - Echoes
84.Whitechapel - Breeding Violence
85.Shadow Of The Colossus - The Prophecy


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