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Autor: wunderbar
Data: 31 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Składanki

Those Classic Golden Years Vol. 31 - 40 (40 CDBox)(2008)

Those Classic Golden Years Vol. 31 - 40(2008)

Genre: Rock, Pop | 10 CD tracks |mp3 | 320 kbps |1.69 Gb


Volume 31
01-Eugen Thomass - Undergroo vin'
02-Status Quo - Everything
03-Eric Burdon - Paint It Black
04-Santana - Oye Como Va.mp3
05-John B. Sebastian - Sitting In Limbo
06-Leonard Cohen - Sisters Of Mercy
07-Clique - Little Miss Lucy
08-Paul Nero - This Is Soul
09-Hugo Strasser - Black Night
10-Deep Purple - Black Night (Roger Glover Remix)
11-Jackie DeShannon - Keep Me Warm
12-Paul Simon - Run That Body Down
13-The Eagles - Hotel California
14-Hildegard Knef - Holiday Time
15-The Association - Cherish (Mono Single Version)
16-The Blue Mink - Melting Pot
17-Ester & Abi Ofarim - Cinderella Rockefella
18-The Kinks - Sitting By The Riverside
19-J.J. Cale - Starbound
20-The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
Volume 32
01-Herbie Hancock - Jane's theme (From the movie "Blow Up"
02-The Yardbirds - Stroll on
03-Tommy James - Sing, sing, sing
04-The Echo Sounds - Too late now
05-The Epics - My little girl
06-Melanie - The letter
07-John Lennon - One day (at a time)
08-The Lovin' Spoonful - A cool million
09-The Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream
10-Episode Six - True love is funny that way
11-Jose Feliciano - (I can't get no) Satisfaction
12-Jody Miller - Queen of the house
13-Manfred Mann - I think it's gonna rain today
14-Chuck Berry - Vaya con Dios
15-The Peels - Juanita banana
16-The Baroques - Such a cad
17-Chris Andrews - Yesterday man
18-Tom Jones - Green, green grass of home
19-The Supremes - Unchained melody
20-R.B.Greaves - Take a letter Maria
21-Gladys Knight & The Pips - Oh What a love I have found
22-Them - One more time (single version)
23-The Turtles - It ain't me babe
24-Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - Love every day
25-Sonny & Cher - The beat goes on
Volume 33
01-Yes - Mood for a day
02-Magna Carta - Times of change
03-King Crimson - Cat food
04-The Beatles - Octopus's garden
05-Amen Corner - The weight
06-The Bee Gees - Words
07-Shirley Bassey - The shadow of your smile
08-Long John Baldry - Turn on your lovelight
09-The Kinks - Waterloo sunset
10-Donovan - Writer in the sun
11-Scott Walker - The bridge
12-The Mike Hurst Orchestra - Wednesday's child
13-Paul Jones - Shake a hand
14-Harmony Grass - Mrs. Ritchie
15-Herman's Hermits - I can take or leave your loving
16-Dave Clark Five - Maze of love
17-Dusty Springfield - I close my eyes and count to ten
18-Bob Dylan - I shall be released
19-Wayne Fontana - 24 sycamore
20-The Human Beinz - Close your eyes
21-The Who - Sensation
22-Led Zeppelin - D'yer mak'er
Volume 34
01-The Rolling Stones - We love you
02-The Doors - People are strange
03-Des O'Connor - ****-a-dum-dum
04-Sandie Shaw - Message understood
05-Harpers Bizarre - High coin
06-Simon & Garfunkel - Leaves that are green
07-The Hollies-Don't give up easily
08-Mary Hopkin - The fields of St Etienne
09-Jethro Tull - It's breaking me up
10-Canned Heat - Bullfrog blues
11-Stone The Crows - Mad dogs & englishmen
12-Joe Cocker - Bye bye blackbird
13-Marmalade - Ballad of Cherry Flavar
14-Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - Honey
15-The Grass Roots - (Ballad of a thin man) Mr. Jones
16-Jefferson Airplane - A song for all seasons
17-Grateful Dead -High time
18-Peter & Gordon - Homeward bound
19-Nilsson - Driving along
20-Dave Dee, Dozy, Beacky, Mick & Tich - I've got a feeling
21-Gary Lewis & The Playboys - A hundred pounds of clay
22-Van Morrison - Call me up in dreamland
23-The Byrds - Chimes of freedom
Volume 35
01-The Beatles - Flying
02-The Beau Brummels - Laugh, laugh
03-Bob Dylan - Like a rolling stone
04-Neil Young - Only love can break your heart
05-Crispian St. Peters - You were on my mind
06-The Bee Gees - I started a joke
07-The Move - Night of fear
08-Twice As Much - Help!
09-The Beatles - In my life
10-Dave Dee, Dozy, Beacky, Mick & Tich - Here's a heart
11-Georgie Fame - Sitting in the park
12-Amazing Blondel - Pavan
13-Manfred Mann - If you gotta go, go now
14-Gary Walker - Twinkie-lee
15-Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - The game of love
16-The Turtles - Like the seasons
17-Cat Stevens - Blackness of the night
18-Cilia Black - Love's just a broken heart
19-The Searchers - Goodbye my love
20-The Rolling Stones - Play with fire
21-Dave Clark Five - Whenever you're around
22-Procol Harum - Pilgrims progress
23-Hedgehoppers Anonymus - It's good newsweek
24-The Kinks - Strangers
25-The Beatles - You know my name (Look up the number)
Volume 36
01-OST-Paul Buckmaster - Variations on Michelle's song (A day in the country)
02-Elton John - Friends
03-King Crimsom - The court of the Crimson King
04-Elvis Presley - In the ghetto
05-Joan Baez - Last, lonely and wretched
06-Val Doonican - Elusive butterfly
07-The Sandpipers - 3 o'clock Flaming St
08-The Elastik Band - Spazz
09-The Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost - Mary, Mary, row your boat
10-Kim Weston - When something is wrong with my baby
11-Jimi Hendrix - Angel
12-Ben E.King - She knows what to do for me
13-Dee Dee Sharp - To know him is to love him
14-The Shadows - Voyage to the bottom of the bath
15-Cliff Richard - Girl, you'll be a woman soon
16-Jackie Lee - When you are a king
17-Kris Kristofferson - Help me make it through the night
18-The Band - The great pretender
19-Ringo Starr - I'm the greatest
20-Leon Russell - A song for you
21-Judy Collins - Hey, that's no way to say goodbye
22-Tim Hardin - Reason to believe
23-Rod Stewart - Seems like a long time
Volume 37
01-Melanie - Ring around the moon
02-George Harrison - My sweet lord
03-Jimmy Cliff - Wild world
04-Procol Harum - Nothing that I didn't know
05-Donovan - Curry land
06-Blind Faith - Can't find my way home
07-Blood, Sweat & Tears - Lonesome Suzie
08-Wallace Collection - Serenade
09-Aphrodite's Child - Marie jolie
10-The Nice - Hang on to a dream
11-The Hollies - Hey Willie
12-Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' band
13-Fat Mattress - Magic forest
14-The Kinks - No return
15-The Dave Clark Five - What is there to say
16-The Bee Gees -Lonely days
17-The Moody Blues - Don't you feel small
18-The Moody Blues - Tortoise and the hare
19-James Taylor - Anywhere like heaven
20-Melanie - Steppin'
21-The Who - Amazing journey
Volume 38
01-Hank Marvin - Tokyo guitar
02-The Standells - Wild thing
03-The Square Set - Hi Lili hi lo
04-The Monkees - Mary, Mary - mono version
05-The Zombies - I want you back again
06-The Troggs - Last summer
07-John Mayal's Bluesbreakers - Crocodile walk
08-Spencer Davis Group - Every little bit hurts
09-Big Brother & The Holding Company - Down on me
10-Traffic - No face, no name, no number
11-Love - Orange skies
12-Tim Buckley - Song of the magicien
13-Sandy Denny - Blackwaterside
14-Neil Young - I've loved her so long
15-The Love Affair - Gone are the songs of yesterday
16-Paul Simon - 50 ways to leave your lover
17-Jethro Tull - With you there to help me
18-The Doors - Blue Sunday
19-The Velvet Underground - Who loves the sun
20-Tony Joe White - Polk salad Annie
21-The White Plains - Show me your hand
22-The Ohio Express - Mercy
23-Pop Five Music Incorporated - Fire
24-The Byrds - Take a whiff on me
25-Bob Dylan - Knockin' on heaven's door
Volume 39
01-If you want to sing out, sing out (Banjo introduction)
02-Cat Stevens - If you want to sing out, sing out
03-John Denver - The game is over
04-Neil Young - Out on the weekend
05-Barclay James Harvest - Poor boy blues
06-The Turtles - The walking song
07-Dandy Livingstone & Rico - A message to Rudy
08-Fotheringay - Winter winds
09-Wallace Collection - Parlez moi d'amour
10-Procol Harum - Conquistador
11-Traffic - Empty pages
12-Tony Joe White - I want love ('tween you & me)
13-Bonzo Dog DooDah Band - Hunting tigers out in "Indiah"
14-The Bunch - When will I be loved
15-David Bowie - Sorrow
16-James Taylor - Nobody but you
17-Steeleye Span - The wife of ushers well
18-Bruce Springsteen - For you
19-Ten Years After * I'd love to change the world
20-Them - Don't you know
21-Herman's Hermits - Just one girl
22-Manfred Mann - It's so easy falling
23-Magna Carta - That was yesterday
24-Cat Stevens- If you want to sing out, sing out (alternate version)
Volume 40
01-The Beatles - The long and winding road
02-Crosby Stills & Nash - Marrakesh express
03-Leonard Cohen - Lady midnight
04-Cream - Dreaming
05-Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the corner
06-Dave Clark Five - I like it like that
07-Cliff Richard - In the country
08-Cilla Black - Child of mine
09-Donovan - Hurdy gurdy man
10-The Band - Up on cripple creek
11-The Bee Gees - Kitty can
12-Blood Sweat & Tears - God bless the child
13-Peter Paul & Mary - Leaving on a jet plane
14-Alan Price Set - Don't stop the carnival
15-Simon & Garfunkel - Baby driver
16-Paul Revere & The Raiders - All about her
17-P.P. Arnold - To love somebody
18-Santana - Evil ways
19-The Rolling Stones - I got the blues
20-Led Zeppelin - You shook me
21-The Doors - Peace frog
22-The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Still raining, still dreaming


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